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How to file enough for a retirement pension?

All pensions are paid to the base quite insured. There are rules for drafting enough retirement, and therefore policyholders should at least have basic information about fraudulent income and the income tax.

Pedstihov zen

The first phase of the pension is due to take place in the period before the right to retire. This is a preparatory phase, its purpose is to provide the insured with information about the facts that the Czech Social Security Administration may have in its records (if the advance bag does not take place for various reasons, it is not enough for the citizen to file a pension).

The employer is obliged to submit to his employees on the prescribed form the Czech Social Security Administration for a record of the periods of insurance he has in his records. The employer is obliged to send enough for the registration no earlier than two years and no later than one year before the year in which the insured person reaches retirement age. At the same time, it is not decisive when the citizen intended to file for the old-age pension. esk’s first social security message sent the entry directly to the citizen (not to the employer), and to t msc after receiving enough. If the citizen is not employed in the given period or is a self-employed person, I can contact the district district (Prague) of the social security office to file enough for the entry. The last time the employer fully submitted the stated obligation to submit a period of insurance for his employees was in 2005.

The record of the period of insurance from the records of the Czech Social Security Administration provides an overview of the period of insurance that this body has in its records, and an overview of the unproven period, ie the time that the Czech Social Security Administration has in its records (if the citizen was only with one employer). , do not have to be in the records of the day, or the records of the pension insurance are sent and at the end of the employment, for the same reason there will be no data on the last employer, ie the employer with whom the citizen is employed at the time of the company.

At the base of the entry, the citizen should obtain documents about the period, which is not stated in the entry in the overview of the insurance period, so that these documents can be added to the enough pension. At the time of the initiative, the citizen also preceded the entry of the period of insurance sent to him by the Czech Social Security Administration.

Since 2006, the authorities of social security (the Czech Social Security Administration and other payers of the pension) have sent the citizens a rather informative personal letter of pension insurance. Citizens first send this information sheet once a calendar year. The information sheet contains an overview of retirement insurance periods and, for the period since 1986, an overview of depreciation deposits and excluded periods, which are in the records of the competent body of social security. The information letter was sent by the social security authority to the citizen within 90 days from the date of receipt of his sufficiency. In a fair way, the citizen must state his native language.

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Get enough about retirement

The woman about the pension of the pension begins on the basis of writing quite a bit. enough about the pension is written by the employer or the district (Prague) law of social security with the citizens on the prescribed forms. So Oban doesn’t even send out the organ that decides on the retirement. The employer is able to write enough about the retirement allowance if he / she carries out the sickness insurance of his / her employees (ie employees of more than 25 employees). A citizen who is not employed by him, but receives two sickness insurance benefits from two employees, will be enough for the two employers, if they were drafted enough during the period of permanent employment. The district (Prague) law of social security is responsible for writing enough about the pension of persons who are self-employed and for persons who are not quite part of their pension insurance at the time of the event.

The employer is obliged to write enough about the pension and state it on a fairly the day which the citizen states as the day from which the pension is granted. The employer must not refuse to write enough, even if he considers that the citizen does not meet the conditions set for the right to retirement or if the citizen is not sufficiently substantiated by the necessary documents. enough of the pension is submitted by the employer within eight days from the date of the written district (Prague) of the first security provided by the applicant’s place of permanent residence. To get enough about retirement citizen picked the necessary documents. These are, on the one hand, documents proving the period of insurance, which is not in the records of the Czech Social Security Administration, and, on the other hand, the documents proving the decisive facts (period of study, upbringing of children, performance of military service, etc.). And in case of enough retirement, the citizen submits a confirmation from the employer about the payment of compensation for loss due to the end of incapacity for work due to work or illness (when the confirmation must state the time of provision of these compensation, the reason for payment and compensation paid in individual calendar years). ).

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Enough of the pension should be based about three months before the day, from which the citizen pays the pension, so that it can be decided on the pension and the payment of the pension can be made. Citizens can file a lot even in a short time or even back (for example, in November 2006 I have data on the pension receipt from January 1, 2006, from May 1, 2005, etc.). In case of return, it is enough for you to take into account that the right to pay the pension expires in three years from the date on which the pension is lower; The pension can be paid back only under the conditions that the conditions for the payment of the pension were met in the past period.

Citizens, who are members of the armed forces and the corps, or have been members of them for a specified period of time, will pay enough for a pension in the form of a person or a body of social security, which carries out the retirement of these people.

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