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How to invest and not drink about ve

In our lines, we often advise on how investors should proceed, what they should be careful about and avoid. In this day, we will try to combine these tips for simplification into one unit and present them with a practical guide on how to invest well.

In the summer, most people think about how best to deal with the pitfalls of summer weather, go on vacation, or first go on vacation. Even so, there are those who think about investing and in the near future are going to improve their financial situation. Although we focus primarily on investors in mutual funds, the basic principles of pay for virtually all investors.

Do you know what you want?

It doesn’t matter if you invest on commodity exchanges through a futures contract or if they will be in your portfolio create funds. You will always need to first clarify what you will actually gain from the investment. The ideas about the return on investment should be realistic and achievable.

What you will eventually invest in, a lot depends on the ability to accept risk. Investors who want to make the most profit from the investment will have to get anxious and take risks. When, on the other hand, you are afraid of large fluctuations in the stock and commodity markets, you will especially prefer a conservative investment tool that will ensure stable growth, but at the same time you will have to be satisfied with them. inputs. High profits are always associated with high risk and who can not realize it, and likes to avoid investing by far and let the pension on the computers in the bank.

1st part: Even the poor have to invest
2.dl: Share with bnmi incomes

It is related to the effects and the element of the investment itself investin horizont and the time when you will probably need the means, resp. to use. Especially when investing in the fund, you are also conservative An investor with a long investment horizon can allow me to invest in a medium in risky assets (equity or dynamic smench fund).

If you are clear about how much you want to spend, how to take the risk and for how long you will not use the invested funds, you can implement your investment strategy by choosing the investment products themselves. Although another group of investment instruments is suitable for each group of investors in terms of profitability and risk, who should think sensible diversification risk and input. This will prevent you from losing a lot of short-term assets, or on the other hand, by prolonging the long-term loss of income in small assets. It is important to diversify them within individual classes, namely the difference between the shares of Central and Central European companies and the event in the USA, or between bonds sttnmi a korportnmi.

A very important factor influencing the final income are in any case the fees, which can quickly reduce the total income.. And u are fees to brokerage companies for trading on the stock exchange, or investinm For a fund, there are large differences between competitors in the market. AT broker It is important to find out how we get services for a given fee, for the fund it is necessary to take into account both the purchase fee and the managerial fee for the first purchase fee, in the long run I play a big role in the management fee, paid every year).

Nevte ne pkn ei

In connection with the fees, it is important to choose the companies themselves, to whom you will pay these fees, what are mentioned by brokei and the company’s investment, respectively. individual their products. Although it may sound paradoxical, sometimes it is better to pay a little more in fees, if you are sure that the investment company, the fund itself, or a brokerage firm is worth it. The good name of the company, a long history, or a quality rating often testify to the quality for which it is sometimes appropriate to pay. However, it is not good to guarantee the advice of experts who are trying to sell a product that has recently become more and more difficult in the competition. Past performance is never the answer to high yields in the future.

The final deposit can have a great influence on the exchange rate of the crown. The development of the foreign exchange market is predicted a lot and especially conservative investors should prefer investing in the domestic currency. Due to the unfavorable movement of the koruna’s exchange rate, even a relatively safe investment will result in lost business. For mutual funds, it is important to find out whether they provide securities when buying securities abroad mnov risk (for example, P Invest or Pioneer funds). If, on the other hand, you are more confused with input and risk-free risk, the more you can afford to invest in various foreign currencies. In addition to the fact that the investment supply in foreign currencies is much wider, the investment potential of the portfolio also increases (but thus the risk of loss when the koruna strengthens).

A very suitable way of investing, especially for those who do not have large amounts of funds at once, is a regular investment. This method is very simple, especially for investments in mutual funds, where there is currently a product with the possibility of regular deposits of real years. In addition to the fact that you do not need a large amount of pensions at once, an average investment is a benefit. The value of the share certificates during the long-term investment is often bought, once you buy them at your price, other times at a lower price, even in the event of fluctuations, the values ​​equalize. Even a careful, conservative exchange of investors can then afford to invest in intrinsic assets and not take the remaining high risk.

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