Wednesday May 25, 2022

How to pay online

Don’t have a queue in stores and have you heard that the internet can be cheaper? Yes, that’s right – and you can go online to compare things at once in minutes.

In addition, the goods purchased on the website can be undamaged within 14 days without giving any reason to receive the full price (with the exception of magazines and CDs with damaged packaging). This is due to the fact that the number of users shopping in the Czech Republic via the Internet and thus the value of goods sold in this way is constantly growing.

You can shop on the Czech internet in the press shop to buy d tm ve. To facilitate orientation, you can use some of the catalogs of online stores, e.g., and The question is how to transport the goods to you and especially how to pay. The additional issue is different from personal collection by sending a sweat and transport directly to the house, which can be from a certain price of the purchased goods or free of charge, of course within a certain area.

You can pay for the goods in cash or non-cash. One of the most convenient methods of payment (and abroad is the most obvious) is the castle by payment card. The advantage is especially: an international payment card can be paid for by purchase or anywhere in the world, if the merchant accepts payment cards with the logo of your card association (most often MasterCard and VISA). In addition, if you decide to shop online first, you will need a payment card all the more – a bank transfer abroad in the railways.

Would you take an oveen identity by voice?

However, not all cards are suitable for payment on the Internet. Until now, it was true that bank cards can only be paid if they have a clear font, ie they are embossed. Now it is possible to pay with some electronic cards, which the banks issuing the Visa card association have made payments on the Internet and with their Visa Electron electronic card badly, even on the issuing bank, whether they will enable this service.

In addition to the classic Mastercard Standard, MasterCard for online payments has launched the latest product in the MasterCard Europe payment card portfolio, the MasterCard Unembossed card. As the name suggests, this card is not embossed (there is no relevant font on its left side), but it can accept the wide acceptance of MasterCard characters and allows its holders to pay online or for telephone and potent orders.

However, it should be noted that even with embossed cards, payment on the Internet is not a problem-free card. mt set payment limits. If the bank allows it, it is then necessary to unlock the card, or set a special limit for internet transactions made by payment card. This applies to me for Visa Electron cards, if they can be paid for on the Internet at all.

According to it, it is possible to pay in some stores with vrovmi cards – OK card from GE Money Multiservis and Aura card from Cetelem. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that for payments with this card, the issuing company always takes years. Likewise, some stores can buy in installments without owning any card.

eBanka, GE Money Bank and Komern banka issue so-called virtual payment cards usable only for transactions on the Internet, which are considered to be the best in terms of security. The client only received the card. Danger of misuse can occur if someone finds out the whole card, its validity and special kd. Although the virtual card is not issued free of charge, the costs of its use are no longer in the case of the classic card, and its undeniable advantage is the possibility of any set limit only for online transactions, which does not affect other limits (payment at the store and for cash withdrawal).

To minimize the risks associated with paying on the Internet, it is generally recommended to use payment cards only with reputable and proven online merchants. For those who do not seem serious, it is better to choose another way of castles, even if they seem to me to be more comfortable. Likewise, do not use to order and pay for services or services unknown to you (eg in Internet cafes) – and if you do, use sufficient security, which is offered to you, for example. in the form of a change in the limit for transactions and the lock of the card.

It is also important to check the entry from the one that the cardholder should perform regularly. A guide to the selection of business in the Czech Republic can be, for example, the certification of online stores, which has been carried out by the Association for Electronic Commerce since 1999 and which is included in the current Czech quality program. You can find a list of certified stores at (certified stores also have a logo on their website). You will also find advice on what information a two-way store should provide about itself. When paying by card, you can follow the store label according to the track – the presence of the Verified by VISA logo of the VISA association cards and the MasterCard Secure Code of the MasterCard association cards guarantees secure payment supported by the associations.

If you can pay by card from a risky one and you want to pay from your own, you can of course do so. If you are a client of eBanka, SOB, Potovn spoitelny, Raiffeisenbank or ivnostensk banka, you can contact a merchant who has a long-term contract with these banks, debit payment cards and pay directly from your account. The transaction proceeds similarly to a card operation, except that you pay the item to the bank for the order.

When selecting this method of payment, you are directed to the payment gateway of the bank, where you log in in the standard way, and confirm it with a pre-filled payment order in the form, the data sent to the system by the cash register of the online store will be prepared. For example, at eBanka there will be an online transfer within a few minutes, and at Raiffeisenbank the merchant will receive a bank transfer request, and you will not only have to pay for the bank transfer, so your pension will not run out. The advantage is so that in the case of one-time payments, there is no danger of misuse of the data by the merchant, or the order of payment data is flown and authorized on the bank’s website.

Of course, you can pay for goods from your internet here at any bank, via GSM banking and other channels of banking. Of course, a transfer filed at a bank branch is not excluded either.

Among the most common options for paying for ordered goods are our favorite favorites, bank transfer and payment in cash on front of goods. You will receive a bag with a time delay, which salary in case of goodness and a classic pension transfer. Cash at the front of the goods directly from the seller’s representatives, especially with the delivery of the goods in all dimensions, is probably the most frequently found and the buyer and the supplier have the certainty that the goods will be paid for.

More and more people have a habit of comprehensive ordering throughout the Internet order. It is up to you to choose which castle or the ordered internet you choose. Always be careful not to be surprised that in addition to your order, you also paid someone else’s purchase here.

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