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How to ruin for drustevn apartments?

Mr. Lucie chose an apartment in the price range corresponding to her possibilities. But I have one hek – it’s a flat drustevn. Mortgages generally do not provide for a mortgage, resp. they cannot be ruined by them. This does not mean that the road to the house to this apartment would be closed for the client.

At the age of five, Lucie lives with her ten-year-old son at her family in Slanm. She and her former husband lived only briefly in a rented apartment in Prague, and after her divorce, she returned to her hometown. He works in Prague, where he goes by bus every day. The journey takes less than an hour.

It was supposed to be just a temporary one, but we’ve been going this way for eight years, to Lucie. My son grew up in a children’s room, for me my parents released their last year. They humbled themselves, giving them a room and a kitchen. Contribute thousands of crowns to their household. We don’t have any conflicts, but it’s still reasonable to settle this makeshift, she decided. And she found a flat 2 + 1 apartment in Prague for one and a half million crowns.

Poadavky a cle

Lucie works in an advertising agency, publishing twenty thousand gross. Irregular access from the employer to the payment of remuneration – sometimes five, sometimes even ten thousand. Try not to spend these unexpected incomes, leave them aside at the bank here. Former manel salary per son 3,000 crowns msn. Lucie also takes these pensions as something extra she doesn’t want to spend. For five years, Lucie sent the same stunt to building spoons, for two contracts of fifteen hundred. She ended the spoen at the end of last year. You have a total of over 400,000 crowns in cash. My pension is ready for financial housing, but she would like to keep something to start an apartment.

Upesujc otzky

Don’t know the offer of new products of banks and savings banks? Do you want to know which products are worth it? Doubt vs don’t let our section- Vyplat se?

1. Is it possible to finance a small apartment with a mortgage?
2. M klientka m ruit?
3. Do the client have enough of his own resources?
4. How long to choose?

Odpovdi a a

1. Is it possible to finance a small apartment with a mortgage?
In fact, it is a rule that the purchase of an apartment in a crushed or subtle property cannot be handcuffed mortgagebut it’s not quite true. The bank, which is not in personal ownership, will not be taken into account by the bank. It will provide for it but vr, if the client can ruin another property. The mortgaged property does not have to be owned by the client.

2. M klientka m ruit?
We find out that Mr. Lucie’s parents are in their personal ownership. The appraiser valued this apartment at 800,000 crowns. The family owns a cottage near Klnovec, the most visited ski resort in the Krunch Mountains. The cottage has a price of 850,000 crowns for the bank. The value of the assets is therefore a total of 1,650,000 crowns.

3. Do the client have enough of his own resources?
We pay for the price of the apartment Lucie from her own disputes. If he uses the changed 350,000 crowns, he will be 1,150,000 crowns from the data bank. That is not more than 70 percent of the value of the build. With such a ratio, most banks will get favorable annual rate. The income of 25,000 gross is sufficient for the realization of their measures. She could even grind not two million crowns.

4. How long to fix the year?
Anyone who is considering a mortgage wants to know the answer to this question. It is about how long the bank will guarantee the client an agreed rate of 8 years for the arrest. After this time, the bank changes the conditions according to the current market situation. And of course he can’t predict it for sure.

Instead of a clearly recommended, therefore, the client usually hears the string from the employee. fixation (you only one year) offer her a year and the possibility to pay the debt soon without penalties and to repay the duties. This is because there is a period of fixation. At the same time, however, this option poses a risk that in the following months the market situation will change to the detriment of the client. After the expiration of the fixation period, the client would then pay for you a year. Even though the years are coming down, I am more likely.

During the fixation period (three, five and more years), the client will receive a one-year annual rate, but with the certainty of how much he will pay until the end of the fixation. Even if the current years on the market have doubled. However, if he wanted to repay two or all of the debt (before the end of the fixation period), pay a significant fee for it.

Another question is how long the heat itself is most suitable for the client. The answer is again individual. Clients most often choose for twenty years.


When fixed for three years, esk banka will currently offer clients an annual rate of 4.0 and 4.2 percent. Lucie wants to pay off the debt for twenty years. Msn spltka will then represent around seven thousand crowns. If the installments were too high, she could choose a longer fulfillment time. At 25 years, the installment would dream of about 900 crowns. On the contrary, if shortened to 15 years, it would increase by 1,500 crowns.

The client’s income in the amount of 25,000 crowns gross is also sufficient for the implementation of the second unit. She could consider a 100% mortgage and borrow as much as 1.5 million crowns from the bank. Own funds could then handcuff you to the right and equipped apartment. In the case of a 100% mortgage, the rate would increase by about half a percent and the bank could require a life insurance policy. Her msn installment would then be about 9,500 crowns.

Hints and tips:

  • A holiday cottage or cottage can only be used for a holiday with a mortgage if it is in excellent technical condition, the whole season is habitable, has a descriptive life and a residual life of more than 50 years. Banks usually require that the mortgaged property is not located alone.
  • If the purchased apartment was later transferred from the predominant ownership to the personal, the apartment of the family and the holiday cottage could be taken from the mortgage and destroyed by the apartment itself. This bag gave costs (eg a new price estimate) and gave administrative expenses.
  • The mortgage cannot be extended, on the contrary, it can always be shortened during the fixation by an extraordinary deposit. The client then has the following options: 1. to reduce the time of the deposit accordingly and to pay approximately the same amount. 2. Leave the debt unchanged and pay it in installments.

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How do you finance a expensive apartment? Will your bank provide you if you can ruin another property? Share your views with them.

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