Wednesday May 25, 2022

How to save on bank fees

Most households have a bank because it is more convenient for employers to send a cashless payment, not to hand out bags of full pensions. And your household once married and has not made a long change since.

Use the same services as before and pay the same fees as before. At the same time, banks are improving the level of their services, they are more friendly to clients than before years ago. Do you want to save? Take a few notes back here and see how to use the services, see when to buy a suitable package from the bank or when to change your consumer habits…

Do you need two accounts? If you have two people in your family, think about whether the fees you pay for them are not enough for you, not if you combine family finances into one. Even if it should be only one hundred crowns a month, over time the dispute is noticeable.

Plate card! The advantage is that payment by card is free, both at home and abroad. The payment card has a family of disputes, it is possible that it will be a source of unusually high costs. Wrong with how an overview of his pensions and what discipline his owner can do.

Get paid by led card. Keeping the card in some packages free of charge, sometimes paying a fee for n clients. The bank also forgives them when they use the card to buy in certain values. esk spoitelna, for example, within the Bonus program (points for card payments) allows you to pay a fee through the earned points.

Do you have an overdraft? Banks completely offer clients with regular income the services allowed to be paid here, the so-called overdraft. If there is no fee for its management, it is without problems. For example, esk spoitelna for keeping an overdraft will charge a fee of 10 crowns to those who did not use the service in that month. People who have a promise arranged and do not take it out for a long time, so quit for pensions.

Finann reserve prefer credit cards. If you are not sure about your own pension and should have an easily accessible financial deposit, I can buy a credit card. In some packages of services, the provider can provide free of charge or spend it through a pre-agreed financial amount. The year is not for the overdraft, who does not pay the loan during the current period, does not pay anything extra. Bezron period bv 45 days and more.

Don’t go to the bank. A personal visit to the bank is the most expensive variant of the first pension. Internet or telephone banking is more convenient and cheaper. While, for example, pay HVB Bank for the establishment or change of a standing order at Pepka 50 crowns, pm banking will be free.

Where is the student? these will be cheaper for the young if you combine the eten with the financial upbringing of the offspring. Do not choose a tram and pocket for children, send an order for payment of the phone and the phone, it is better to pay the pension to the student and let the child cope with their bundles. It will be cheaper, for example, an order submitted via the Internet costs at SOB 3 crowns, from a bank ATM is 5 crowns, for students, both operations are free.

Mte dost penz? Do not leave them left unattended here, choose a storage that will yield your yield. Finann advisors advice: keep two and three times the amount in your available account, save the rest to the fund and to the term deposit.

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