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I have a plane from below, are the suitcases lost? What do you know about the compensation?

If your plane is from below, there is probably nothing else left but to wait. However, if it is a few hours away, the airline or travel agency is obliged to take care of everything free of charge.

To be precise, this first applies if you depart from flying to the European Union with any carrier or from flying to a country outside the European Union with a European carrier. Nazen also applies to so-called charter flights.

Entitled to free pi, refreshments, poppad hostels

“In the event of a significant cancellation or cancellation of a flight, passengers always first go for information and free access, ie refreshments and meals, and if necessary, to the hostel,” said the director of the European Consumer Center (ESC) at the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Vel. If the carrier or travel agent does not provide this, the passenger will reimburse you for the costs incurred.

“If the flight is canceled or less than five hours later, the passenger can withdraw from the contract first and demand a refund of the ticket price, but the carrier does not provide him with the above or even for the next four years,” adds Vel.

For a claim on the part of the carrier, it must be from the bottom long:

  • two hours or more in the case of years not exceeding 1,500 kilometers
  • three hours or more for all flights in the EU of less than 1,500 kilometers and for all other flights of 1,500 kilometers to 3,500 kilometers
  • three hours or more in all other years

It follows from European law that the airline should actively take care of passengers itself. However, according to the experience of ESC advisers, the practice is such that passengers must first ask for theirs.

“The salary that if a passenger wants to apply for his first, then he has to turn to the air carrier,” emphasized the director of ESC. So it doesn’t matter who you bought your ticket from or if the flight was arranged by a travel agent. You must claim any reimbursement from the airline that operated the flight.

When the flight is canceled, the air carrier is obliged to pay compensation

When you cancel a flight, you have two options. You will either be transported to the destination by the nearest connection, or you can withdraw from the contract and return the price of the ticket.

“If the flight is canceled or less than three hours later, then the passenger has the first first to pay for the code, which is between 250 and 600 euros,” informs Vel. Of course, only in the event that the fault is on the part of the carrier and it is not a so-called extraordinary circumstance, ie, for example, the airline’s crew or the cancellation of the flight time.

Canceled flight means that the flight did not take place. The time when the carrier canceled the flight is essential. If I announce it thirteen days before departure, then I will not fill out the regularized code replacement. “However, the carrier is obliged to provide the passenger, according to his choice, with either a non-stop flight or a refund of the ticket,” said the ESC director.

The two airlines tried to avoid the obligation to pay the code, even though the flight was essentially canceled because it was you and twenty hours from below, but the company was still sludge from below. “Based on the case law of the Court of Justice of the EU, it will be the same today, for a flight from less than three hours today the carrier has to pay the same as for a canceled flight,” notes Vel.

The carrier’s liability was liable for the loss

Of course, the air carrier is also responsible for your luggage, for any underwear, damage or loss. In all these cases, according to the Montreal Convention, you are entitled to compensation.

“In case the passenger arrives at his destination and finds out that the luggage did not fly with him, in the first place it is good to order it on the fly by the so-called PIR, ie a note that the passenger’s luggage was not delivered or picked up damaged,” recommends Tom ᚠ Vel.

Payment of the code for the luggage must be claimed in writing to the air carrier, no later than twenty-one days after the delivery of the luggage, in case of damage or loss of the luggage then within seven days from the delivery of the luggage or in case of loss.

“If you fly on vacation and find out that you don’t have a day’s equipment due to your luggage, then you can buy these things directly in the city and then claim their castle from the air carrier,” said ESC director.

The airline is responsible for the contents of the luggage up to about 33 thousand crowns. However, you must prove the actual value of the luggage that you had in the luggage. So, for example, if only the climbing equipment you have in your suitcase costs fifty thousand, it is definitely good to insure your luggage from some of the commercial insurance companies.

AdviceWhat you should know before the trip

  • In case of cancellation of the flight and the lower flight, you have the right to the land (refreshments, eventual hostel) and in some circumstances also the right to financial compensation. The exact conditions are set out in the regulations of the European Parliament and the Council. 261/2004.
  • Check with the carrier in advance about the conditions of luggage transport. Especially for low-cost carriers, the transport of luggage is often charged, the number and weight of luggage per person is limited.
  • Find out about objects, their transport is not allowed. It is usually not possible to transport, for example, pensions, securities, electronics and personal documents in checked baggage. These things need to be placed in the luggage compartment.
  • There is a sharp amount of objects or liquids with a content of more than 100 ml in the luggage.
  • In case of loss, damage or damage during the transport of luggage, the carrier is responsible for the code, up to the amount of 33 thousand crowns.
  • In the event of damage or loss of luggage, claim the right from your carrier in writing within seven days of delivery of the luggage or skin in case of loss. Claims arising from the baggage claim must be made within 21 days of delivery of the baggage.
  • If you are not satisfied with your request for a refund, you can always go to court. In the event of a dispute with a carrier or travel agent from another country of the European Union, I can use the European Consumer Center, which acts during a trade inspection, free of charge. Source: ESC
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