Tuesday May 24, 2022

I kill them, they threaten them, they don’t choose the direction in Hodonn

At the end of August, a staff member on Bratislavsk Street in Hodonn took part in the main weapons. “At 15:10 on the former border crossing in Hodonn, two unknown perpetrators entered the guideline and one pulled out a weapon and started to have a glass of pepper,” said Hodon police spokesman Petr Změnak.

The offender, meanwhile, struck a glass of pepper with an iron stick. “The glass cracked and the woman, fearing for her life, opened the door replacement and let them both in. After further work, she issued them a pension, ”he described the speech.

The amount plundered was a small amount of money, and a woman was started, where they gave pensions. “When the perpetrator still had a gun on her, she took the vault from the safe and opened it. The perpetrator took a pension in the breath of thousands of tablets and left, “said Směkek.

According to witnesses, they boarded the code 120 light colors with the Slovak registrar’s sign, entering the letters TN, and left for Slovakia.

“The perpetrators were between the ages of 40 and 50, one of them had a dark jacket and a black cap, the other had a gray jacket, and the cap was light on the head,” he said.

After both perpetrators, the police asked. In the event of a fall, they were threatened and taken away for a decade.

On the former border of the pedestrian in Hodonn, two unknown perpetrators entered the direction and one pulled out a weapon and began to have a glass of pepper.

Robbed jewelry is not related to the fall

Just about half an hour before the change of direction on Bratislavsk street on the 31st of August, glass was also in the Luxor jewelry store on the Nrodn td run (tte dle).

“Thieves from here, just before this afternoon, took home gold salaries for several hundred thousand crowns. However, the connection between the two cases is ruled out, “said police spokesman Petr Změnak.

“There are two pairs of different perpetrators, and the same way is done in both cases,” said Směkek.

The armed robbery happened just before the crossroads in the Hodonnsk region, so it happened on the remote gas station near Luice, about a kilometer from Hodonna. “Here, with a gun in his hand, he didn’t even take the money, he even hit a woman again – a gas station operator – in his head,” he said.

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