Wednesday May 18, 2022

I want to cancel the life insurance

The Finann crisis forces everyone to think about the clogging of the family budget. If you are considering canceling your life insurance policy, you should carefully take such a step. You will come here.

If you have taken out a insurance policy with the connection, you will receive a so-called sales receipt upon early notice. Do not sweat the bag until you have received everything you have sent. Especially in the first two years, when you terminate the contract, do not see a crown of your pensions. For the first few years, even the pension paid to cover the cost of commission and administration. And only after the second year does zante slowly spoit.

Don’t even rely on the fact that the connection companies promise an average of 4% appreciation. This is not the value of the total insurance premium, but only its savings component, the rest “goes to risk”. You usually get what you put in the insurance and when you keep the insurance policy at all times.

The amount you receive will also be taxed. The insurance company will take 15 percent of it and will receive pensions that you will not have to pay.

You can cancel the contract at the sweat

If you decide to cancel the “life” within two months after concluding the contract, the 8-day notice period will be shortened on the day when the stop arrives at the headquarters of the insurance company. “Such situations occur most often in the case where the client lets the financial advisor apologize and closes the life bond practically without thinking.

Prkrt sleeps and realizes that he is not in a situation where he needs him, and decides to cancel them, ”to Michal Dittrich from Fincentrum. The insurance company will not have to pay a cancellation fee and you will receive the pension back. But not all. They will be reduced by payment, there is a risk for the risk component for the days when you were insured.

If the circumstances lead to the cancellation of the insurance later, ask for a 6-week warning period always at the end of the insurance period. This is as long as the frequency of your floats. Either pay them once a year, every six months, a quarter, or one month. “The contract must be terminated before the end of such a period,” the Axa connection infoline said. that is, when the installments are sent to the bank and the account is given on May 22, the bond expires and on July 31. Until then, you must send your pension.

You will not forget that in the event of premature cancellation of life insurance, you will have to return the so-called delivery.

Put the contract on ice

You can’t afford to send installments for insurance, but you don’t want to cancel the contract. Do not have the pension to deliver back. How to get out of it? You have to freeze the contract. Terminology of connectors: return to the repaid state.

You will agree with the insurance company, you will stop sending your pension, but leave the amount saved on it here. status vm pay it out at the moment when the contract expires. Because the insurance company in such a case will usually reduce the amount to which you were originally insured, in the end, instead of half a million, only 30 thousand will get paid to the city of one million. At the same time, all risks of connection will disappear.

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