Tuesday May 24, 2022

I will be deliberate. Just follow a few basic tips

The esk family manages to spend an average of eight thousand crowns on handcuffs. V kad pt si pj na Jeka. This is due to the goods, its life expires, not the state to repay the loan, it is better to find. If it is necessary for your loan, be reasonable so that you do not get sweat.

Compared to the losk, five percent of them want to borrow at Christmas this year. Provident Financial’s research has shown this. It is likely to rise just before the holidays, always advertising not only on TV and shops. You look with a snowman in a beanie and the inscription “Dra retired at Christmas?”, Which Jitka Krlov found in a letter box, refers to an easy immediate loan without a guarantor and up to 166 thousand crowns.

“People want everything now, even what they’re not up to. Only in the new year, you have to meet the Christmas Eve, so you can become a mere person for five years, ”points out Tom Vrna from the Perov Executor’s Office. If you manage the installments without sweat, you can meet you here in advance: www.rozumnezadluzeni.cz.

1.Find splits without naven

If you need a specific thing for the household, such as a slingshot and a television, make sure that you do not offer it in the shop for installments without reimbursement. For example, Cetelem and Home Credit offer these programs, the condition is to settle the debt within six months.

2. You can borrow with a credit card

It’s very free, but only for the consistent. The main thing is that you will be able to pay the credit card debt every month from your payment, and thus fit into the good period (bv 45 and 51 days). If you fail to repay the bank during a good period, go around 22 percent of years.

3.Compare offers

Find a loan calculator on the lending company’s website and see how much your loan would cost. Enter the amount and the period for which you want to pay it, and it will fall into the amount of the amount, the years and the total amount you will pay. From this you can easily figure out how much to pay in the final loan – the time the payment time is, the higher the payment, but the overall cheaper loan.

Nevertheless, choose the bag that suits you best, contact you personally and let yourself be swept away. It turns out that the resulting payment will be a few hundred crowns different.

4. Try the bank first

You’d better turn to the bank. It is best to address the first one where you have a credit card or credit card. They know your payment history and you are someone “from the street” for a reliable client. Solid installments of the company will offer you similar conditions as banks and so they will thoroughly knock. You don’t have to look in the registry to see your ability to meet the bag. From the New Year, it will also directly offer them a new end of the consumer roar.

5.Avoid usury

If you come across advertisements where you have a so-called good word and nothing is interested in it, don’t get caught. In practice, although the promise of the loan, collect for it did not charge a fee, but often for the necessary contribution will only be brokered for a fee, or you will be forced to cancel the property for a loan for a thousand years. Often, in addition, you do not get to want to go at all, spend hundred crowns on the tracks of a mobile phone.

6. Pette si podmnky

Non-banking companies are willing to pay you, but pay for years and especially overestimated sanctions in case of late payment. If you honor the pressure to enter into a contract, the company’s representative will twist, there will be no answers to your questions, you better not drink.

If you come across words in the terms that you do not understand or will be written in such a small dog that you will not have the patience to grow them, do not sign the text. From the New Year onwards, this means more information for everyone as a consumer, but it does not mean that you do not have to study the contract and conditions carefully.

7.Pay attention to the decision of the clause

In many terms and conditions, you encounter the decision of the clause. When you are honored to be harmed in the future, it will not be a matter for the court, but for an arbitrator chosen by the company. You only agree with them in the contract and the defense will be in court.

8.Insure your installments

If you borrow in amount, insure yourself against inability to meet. If you suddenly drink at work or become ill for a long time, the insurance company will pay for the installment, which you do not have to reach from the support. A solid bank and an installment company will offer you this option as soon as the loan is agreed, the installment will usually increase by three and six percent.

9.Observe the deadlines

Set your perpetual orders so that your payments are the first to be paid. If you are unable to send your pension, explain the situation immediately to the manager. If you have chosen a reputable company, it will work with you to find a safe way for both parties.

10.Do not hide the dog from the family

O pjce eknte manelce i manelovi. They are automatically your co-officers and have the same obligation as you.

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