Friday May 20, 2022

if for cheap housing, you have debt for two

In recent years, thousands of new families have brought quiet and, in contrast to Prague and cheap housing, to the Central Bohemian Region, who have taken out loans for new houses and their equipment. Many are unable to meet them and they are extorting companies.

Osmaticetilet But from the district of Prague-entrance two years ago he decided to buy land and build a dm. “At that time, my wife and I got a mortgage for a million eight hundred thousand without any problems,” said the businessman.

Before long, the economic crisis drank and Aleo stopped doing business. “Not only could we not build. We also had to give up the land because we didn’t have a mortgage to meet, ”said the father of two small children. The debt did not fully get rid of it.

“Our house project and administrative fees were worth one hundred and eight hundred thousand crowns, which can be put together, and there are no pensions for current expenses,” concludes Ale.

His problems are not unique in the middle of all. According to a recent MBA Finance survey, which will take over the receivables, Stedoei has occupied the top ten in the long run. Even though, the region has one of the highest unemployment rates in the Czech Republic and one of the highest wages.

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More than fifteen percent of the people, their unions must have an enforcement agency, live in the Moravian-Silesian Region, twelve percent in the sewer and one in Stedoeskm. According to experts, the main reason for the high number of medium-term long stays is behind the local mass construction and the inability to meet not only mortgages, but especially newly furnished houses and apartments.

“In recent years, there has been a major construction boom in the Middle Ages, and many people have moved to this region from other regions and abroad. Households were largely detained, new residents took vry, took out insurance. Due to the crisis, their ability to meet has decreased, ”explained analyst Petr Fic.

According to him, there are more than two teachers. “Hls are about receivables in a short time. What would not be enforced before time has been enforced today, ”said Fic. In addition to the agencies, the courts are confronted with the sweat of the people who became insolvent. Execution began to increase in the region last year. The courts registered a dog of 85 thousand of them.

“Compared to 2008, the number of new executions in the region increased by 34 percent last year,” said Martina Kaskov, vice-president of the Regional Court in Prague. According to civic counseling staff, young people of working age with young children are most often involved in financial problems due to housing.

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