Tuesday May 24, 2022

If it was not for the euro, today the German mark would cost 13 crowns

German mark for tinct crowns, Austrian ilink for dv. If the euro had not drunk, these rates would have been a reality. That is, if the coefficients according to which the currencies fell against the euro one year ago were used even today.

One French franc is equal to five crowns, the German mark is less than 18 crowns and for the Austrian ilink I pay around 2.50 K. These moneys were known to tourists until the end of 2001, it was not possible to pay in euros.

The remaining currencies were firmly opposed to its exchange rate in 1999. And if we used the conversion factors (eg 1 euro = 1.95583 German marks) today, they would not be surprised in the direction of tourists from the 90s.

Mark would cost them about 13 crowns, the French franc did not cost three and for ilink they would not pay even two crowns.

For how much would you m

The koruna has been strengthening against the euro for a long time – when the first eleven currencies were adopted, its value corresponded to more than 35 crowns.

As if from tourist dreams, then, the official courses look like the west of the late 80’s. They have only one significant heck – the tourist never got you a dollar for a five crowns.

On the one hand, in the evening the currency fell only on the basis of a thorough inspection, on the other hand, you were about a four times inappropriate exchange rate for tourists at the dollar. Investors in the black market then the dollars, as well as gave me, offered to go to Dr.

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