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If they spend 17 percent on bank fees, this is not the European average

Fees are an integral part of banking services. A new study called the World Retail Banking Report 2009 shows that the highest are in non-European Europe and not in Asia and the Pacific. esko you know the world dr average vi fee.

Active services in the Czech Republic will cost an average of 84.8 euros (approximately 2,260 crowns). Europeans, whose main currency is not the euro, pay for these services an average of 76.6 euros, ie 2,040 crowns. According to experts, the difference is mainly due to radical price reductions in selected countries.

For comparison: the worldwide average of 70.30 euros (in the amount of 1,870 crowns) paid annually by active clients for banking services. This is what the World Retail Banking Report study from the consulting company Capgemini brought.

The most dramatic region, judging by the prices of banking services, is Europe outside the euro area (ie the Czech Republic). Here, the bank’s client issues 76.60 euros for fees, ron 2,040 crowns. On the contrary, the cheapest way is to use the banking population of the Asia-Pacific region. They pay only 54.30 euros per year (in the amount of 1,445 crowns).

“In the Czech Republic, the price of banking services increased slightly, by 3%. In many countries outside the euro area, the prices of banking services have been significantly higher, ”said Ji Briford, Head of Financial Services at Capgemini Czech Republic. But he refused to say anything more. Although the study itself does not reveal the specific order of the country, at least the Czech Republic has included Briford prices in the middle of the field.

Graph: Average prices of basic banking services by regiongraf

Source: Capgemini Analysis, 2009

Use the bank’s prices to drive clients out of its branches around the world

If you want to use your financial services more than the services of the branch, you should pay for the fees not only with us. And it is definitely not a negligible amount.

In non-euro Europe, ie the Czech Republic, the price difference in banking services between active users of Internet banking and those who prefer one at branches, a total of 42 euros (ie less than 1,120 crowns).

Only in the USA and Canada does it not matter how the bank is serviced here. The services of branches will cost the local client as expensive as the active use of internet banking. On average to 75.3 euros ron (less than 2,003 crowns).

In general, the minimum price differences will be recorded in euro area countries. Expenses for the banking services of the least active and very active client are only 52.6 euros (about 1,400 crowns). On the other side are the USA and Canada, where this difference is 145 euros (3,857 crowns).

Graph: Average prices of basic banking services by region valid for active clients, branch clients and Internet users


Source: Capgemini Analysis, 2009

In Italy, pay the most for running here, in Germany for paying

The fact that the fees vary not only in individual regions, does not surprise anyone. It is best to look at the source of bank fees.

In the Czech Republic, the bank collects 40% of the fee for the payment system, 33% of the fee income is the price for keeping the bank, and a quarter of the cash transaction. Extraordinary operations are represented by 3%.

On the other hand, the composition of income from fees with our model varies in a number of European countries. In Italy, for example, a quarter of the fee income is the price collected for keeping here. On the contrary, do not meet them in a widow. Thus, the income of all banks comes from payment fees (as much as 99%).

Thus, British banking houses are accepted throughout Europe. Their revenues make up more than one half of the fees for so-called non-traditional operations (card blocking, etc.).

World Retail Banking Report 2009 was presented again after five years

This year, Capgemini, UniCredit and the European Financial Association for Women and Marketing (EFMA) presented the World Retail Banking Report, an overview of the development of prices for banking services in the US and in the world. The presentation bag was rebuilt five years apart.

A total of 203 retail banks from 26 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific provided data for its development.

Representative banks in individual countries represent the majority of the market. In the Czech Republic, data were provided by esk spoitelna, SOB, Komern banka, GE Money Bank and UniCredit Bank. The change of bank accounts for 81% of the domestic banking market.

Konen should be based on the prices of 23 banking products and services of daily use. These are divided into the following areas – maintained here (without the so-called parcel accounts), payments from / to the bank, cash transactions and several banking operations (eg the fee for blocking the card and issuing a bank draft).

In addition, clients were divided according to how often they use banking services, active, active (approximately 60% of all consumers) and very active.

Note: The CZK / EUR 26.60 exchange rate was used for pepots.

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