Wednesday May 25, 2022

If you are healthy and without reason, you will receive a salary

The Generali sawmill saw with the new BeneFIT life locker, which is suitable for those who do not fall or fall. If nothing happens to you for a period of three years from the conclusion of the contract, you will receive your pension back. UNIQA also offers similar insurance.

You can insure BeneFIT’s insurance contract from Generali and eight people, aged from 0 to 70 years. However, only the first connected life and once connected, the others have only connected once. The insurance does not have to apply only to family members, but also to some association and club. It is not so convenient to insure more than one person per contract. This is in all probability that someone will come together.

“The BeneFIT product has been designed to appeal to as many clients as possible from various age and social groups. Each client can tailor this to his own needs and requirements. We know that in times of financial uncertainty, the client will appreciate the return of their funds and, in the event of a safe process, including a file with a refund of the premium, ”Generali Kateina Bl.

The coincidence is that you can also insure saints up to 25 years of age, even if the offspring of the tops are involved in some sport. The system also includes an assistance service, which, in the event of illness or injury, can be bought, rested or accompanied by a doctor.

Pojiovna Generali promises about the product unprecedented interest. But it is a matter of summer and summer.

Q-Partner will pay 10 percent of the premium

UNIQA also offers a similar connection with the return of pensions in the Q-Partner program, but only for loyalty. “The Q-Partner program will offer our largest private clients who take UNIQA as their main insurer and have a long-term relationship,” said Eva Svobodov, UNIQA’s press release.

Another condition is that you will have concluded at least two insurance contracts of the following types: single insurance, vehicle insurance, household or house insurance, first protection insurance. To do this, your insurance policy must reach at least 3,000 crowns for both contracts.

If no contract is paid for the code within one calendar year, you will receive your pension back. In the non-free bonus and 10% of the paid premium.

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