Tuesday May 24, 2022

If you don’t want a Card, you have to read it on the ad

Strong opposition to the launch of the Card led to a rapid amendment of the Act. Payment with the Card will be new voluntarily, you do not have to give up a bag of plastic cards. You must replace it because of its identified function.

Some people do not want to use a card issued by this state. You because they have another, or they are women at the end of parental leave, which are expected for only two parental posts. Disability, for whom handling an ATM is inconvenient and completely impossible, also applies to you.

The Ministry promises that the procedure of issuing cards will be as simple as possible. “In good cases, the employee will deliver the card to the home of seniors and disabled people directly,” said Minister Ludmila Mllerov.

Discard the card at ad

If you do not want to use the card to send the door, you must go to the office and there confirm this fact with your signature. On the formula, he will sign that he wants to send the door to the elderly, he put the Card in a suit and for sure he will carry it with him when traveling to the ad.

The legislation is not over

If, for example, you are a mother on parental leave, who will give you a hard time, I probably don’t want much for the card. If you don’t go there, the made sCard will stay in place and the door fees won’t affect it in the meantime, they will continue to go the way they did.

The sKarta case has not yet been completed – everything is in the legislative process and its outcome cannot be expected. It happens that from May, identification with the Card will be mandatory. If the people did not pick it up, they would not drink for pensions, but without the card they would not have access to them.

The executor does not have a card

“Pensions on sKart and on the one that belongs to us are protective against foreclosures,” explains the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs spokesman Filipov. This is a novelty, because in 2012 for some social courts, provided through sKarta, the executor could.

Card fees down

Even according to the original price list, it should not be a card for railway users. Even so, since the January meeting, esk spoitelna went out to accommodate its clients and omitted some of the fees it originally wanted to charge. It will be free for you to pick up cash in the form of a so-called cash back when buying and paying with a card, which was originally worth six crowns.

All withdrawals at esk spoitelny ATMs will also be free of charge. In the original price list, the free withdrawal was provided only once. In practice, this means that the recipient of the two can choose you for free 200 korunch each day, if he feels that it is so suitable for him.

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