Tuesday May 24, 2022

I’ll kill them all, said the magnifying glass from Krnov’s direction. Then it exploded

Ptapadestilet Daniel Petr was on Thursday afternoon in the Krnov Priora for a friend in one of the shops. Within a few moments, he had a fight and defeated an armed man who wanted to rob a gun. “I tore him tight, but then it exploded,” Daniel Petr recalls. Police later found the tonka to be complete.

“I was shopping when my acquaintance called me to help her. I saw that he was snuggling with some hair, ”Petr told the editor of MF DNES.

He managed to twist the lupine’s hand behind it and lay it on the ground. “When the policeman drank, one of them knelt on the lupine lecho on his stomach and tried to handcuff him. It is used on one hand, but when he pulled the lupia from under his mouth with the other hand, the grant exploded under the body of the lupia, ”Daniel Petr.

“I didn’t know if he had given him a grant, we took his pistol and he ran away from the grant that his salesman took from him,” said Petr. The explosion threw him a few feet away. “And then I realized that if there wasn’t the body of the lupus between the grant and me, I certainly wouldn’t have done it.”

He said that before the explosion, the robber spoke with a soft, perhaps Slavic, accent. “Kal: I’ll kill everyone.”

Police spokeswoman Darina Majkov said the loot was armed with grants and a mole firearm. Lupi demanded the issuance of cash after operating the exchange, but the worker refused to give him the cash. “The woman started calling for help and the perpetrator of the robbed pepaden stepped up,” she said.

In the immediate vicinity of the bill, the robbers tried to seize the customers of the department store and sell. “During the fight, another accidental witness snatched the captive grant from her hands and threw it away. The explosion of this grant did not happen, “said the speaker.

During the arvtka, the magnifying glass fired from the pistol, the bag did not injure anyone. “The perpetrators managed to seize the perpetrators together. He witnessed the police call the police, “said Majkov. A small line of the district police department in Krnov arrived at the town. Piel and a criminal investigator in civilian clothes, who was coincidentally killed.

When the policeman wanted his handcuffs, a grant exploded

“The moment the police officer handcuffed the perpetrators, another side system was detonated, probably a grant the perpetrator had with him,” she said. A robber died in the explosion, a police officer and two witnesses are injured.

At first, it was not possible to determine the identity of the perpetrator due to the extent of the injury. The police officer later stated that it was thirty-three years old from Bruntlsko, who had no problems with the horse. “He was also the driver of the weapons he secured in the city,” said police Darina Majkov.

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