Tuesday May 24, 2022

In Brno, the Adrpask rocks have increased the price of parking so that the toilet is free

Some of the attractive Adrpask rocks in the Broumov region have a relatively high parking lot at the entrance to the sales area. One hundred crowns a day is paid for a car, and toilets are free on the counter compared to previous years. He gave services to tourists on an equal footing, he tested the MF DNES test.

The town, from where you enter the Adrpask rocks, is clear and visible. The tourist knows exactly where to go to park, I am only surprised by a ticket for a hundred crowns for a car, 40 for a motorcycle and ten crowns for a bike.

When I try to agree that I will park for only two hours, the staff assures me that there is so much interest that I will be able to do it for the whole day. The organization of parking is perfect, he gave the worker a choice of free space for the car, there is no need to look for them.

The family takes me close to the car and relax. On the mown meadow, there are two altns parked right next to it and even bend over with benches.

“He gave the parking space not to go. When vv nvtvnk arrives, two cars open to the open area next to the railway station, which is a cut for the season, ”said Dana Cahov, mayor of Adrpach.

Right next to the car park, there is a well-arranged orientation full of grounds in those languages, where you go to the cash registers, where there are toilets and refreshments. The space, where there is a bistro with fast food, confectionery and exchange office, is under one roof. There are simple wooden benches with tables and carts can also get there. The city is sure, there is plenty of garbage in the area.

“It’s good that we can eat here. The grapes are here, I come here with my grandchildren. We’re here at a few. We are from Svoboda to the fair and we come here comfortably by train. This year we found out that the toilets are free and there is the same as last year, when you paid for them, ”Hana Krmov said.

Lid si stovali, e za toalety vcekrt vcekrt

And I’m right. The toilets, which are right at hand, are really sure, there are paper runes available in the basement, only for a shower there is a salary of twenty crowns.

“We decided for free toilets because we didn’t make it in some days and so the people were angry that they had to pay several times, because they are the only public toilets in the area. There can be no toilets in the rocks, because it is a national sale reservation. It is better for people to go to the east several times, not to go somewhere in the woods. But because of the cost, we had to increase the price of the parking fee, ”explains the mayor.

For p

For pknho poas, the queues are at the entrance to the Adrpask rocks.


And tourists will be brought to Brno by the Adrpask rocks.


Oberstven at the entrance to the Adrpask rocks is equal, prices affordable.

There are many tourists who do not have toilets in the rocky circle. “It’s great here, but I think that some portable toilets would be useful right on the rocks so that you don’t have to go to the woods. Otherwise, the circuit of pkn is marked, it can be done even by children, ”to the artist Petra Stihavkov.

The cyclist would like a stand

Beata Radoov, head of the information center, says that cyclists would welcome a bicycle stand right at the entrance to the rocks. “The stands are in the parking lot, where you pay, at the refreshments, but the cyclist always wants to keep his bikes as close as possible,” k.

At first, he explains to Polish tourists in fluent Polish what he will see on the circuit. Polci form a significant st nvtvnk Adrpaskch rocks.

“When a tourist comes, they say that there is a lot of Polk here, but they km away that it is reversed. There are few Czech tourists. But the last two years it’s stuck. and suddenly Adrpach was rediscovered, ”to Juraj Polk, the founder of the rock town.

You can enter the rocks in two towns. Admission is equal, adults pay 60 crowns, students, children and pensioners 30, family admission is 150 crowns. If you want to ride a boat on an artificial lake in the middle of the rocks and meet ordinary creatures, you have to pay another 50 crowns. But the deposit is worth it.

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