Wednesday May 25, 2022

In Germany, there is an effort to make glass

After the Czech business environment, Pavel Filo and Vclav Sobotek decided not to succeed. Everything is much easier beyond the borders. And the essentials are essentially you.

On the outskirts of the German town of Mauth, just a kilometer from the border, there is a large glass. And you can easily speak Czech. “Glasblserkunst” toti pat eskch sklm. So, more precisely, Lenin’s glass, as Pavel Filo and Vclav Sobotka make it more expensive.

“Kme to vem nvtvnkm, nejmez Lenory. Only then did the hundreds privatize, then tunnel and it was a tradition of 160 years, ”Vclav Sobotka told me and remembers his arrests. “We went to work in Chlum near Tebon and put it into practice first in Lenoe, where we both come from.”

After the revolution, he received an offer from a friend to work in Germany. And he drank it. Odeel with nm and Pavel Filo. They were convinced not only by the interesting financial offer, but also by the extent to which their permission is there. “In addition to Nmcm, we had the advantage that we can do everything from wood, from glass to glass to the final product. ” even if they worked so quickly and the employer considered them. Nminu was used on the march, only “good morning” and “goodbye” at the arrest. But speak fluently.

We go for 15 euros

In the Mauth glassworks, they worked for many years as employees. Only in 2007 did the company go bankrupt and Pavel and Vclav faced a decision: to dig into them, but they did not want to, or try to do business in the field on their own.

“So one day we went to the local town, showed a letter, paid 15 euros and within minutes we had our own company. Within a week, we picked up the evening permit, which was issued for us, rented the hall and threw ourselves into work, “recalls Pavel Filo and added:” We were full of it, how simple it was. They started a similar project in all of them and it took them almost a year, they did not defend all the necessary permits. ”

They first welcomed in 2008, at a time of economic crisis. They were afraid that they would not succeed, but they risked it. And the customer’s progress has been growing. Just recently, they sent a shipment of glass fats to Alaska. Buy from them individuals and companies that use the products as handles for business partners.

Prices are about 20 percent not all

He built a lot of pensions. Pavela Vclav had disputes that they put into the new project. “We put everything into it and started from scratch. But we did it. The sun seuivmea long work, which we enjoy, ”to Vclav Sobotka and leads to the most valuable thing they have here – to the furnace. Its construction alone cost a million million crowns, and each year it invested hundreds of thousands in repairs, improvements and operation. immediately, 24 hours a day, at night I see her security system connected to the fire and the phones of both owners. It is the heart of the stain that must be below.

Traffic, gas and electricity, is expensive here. There’s also a spark. “If I compare our prices with the Czechs, then we have them 20 percent in,” he said, adding to the rent of the hall – 600 euros. But this disappearance will disappear this year, the entrepreneur would like to buy a hall and even spread it. Just don’t want to live in Germany yet. Come to their families every day. “But we only have 30 kilometers,” point out.

Zkaznky lkaj i na zitek

When you enter the glass, a little vs blindness from all those different colored jars. You can choose from about two hundred types of art glass. Their products are the only ones that have their “signature” that cannot be imitated. The biggest competitor is the Lenoran harvest, which has sprung up in huge numbers all over the world. “We can only compete with quality and originality. We have to let out new and new things, ”adds Vclav Sobotka.

Tourists, with whom several buses come here, offer the opportunity to blow their own glass product. Before that, go through the glass, familiar with the history of glass and production. And how much do you pay for a blown colored ball? About eight devteur, according to the sweat of the recipient. It is especially a good experience for children.

Don’t want to make any of them, but dream to get your work done. In Lenoa, they opened feed and in the future, they also plan to build a small furnace to show the public what they are doing. Amon was convinced in the curry of indecisive young people that this craft is still going.

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