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In Olomouc, the repair of the Baroque Salm’s thumb began, a passport will be created here

One of the most important buildings in the center of Olomouc, Salmv palc na Hornm nmst, has been repaired after years of greedy horses. The monuments, which for a long time disagreed with its new form, retreated, and thus craftsmen and construction debtors “moved” into the building instead of the town hall.

The businessman, who sold his thumb to him years ago, nevertheless enforced a wall of the court wing, with which the monuments originally disagreed. Among other things, they were convinced by the fact that thanks to the glass construction in two, a new city pass will be created, which will connect the street 28. jna with Riegrová street. Then there will be offices in the thumb itself.

“The preparation of this investment was very complicated. Some of us were nervous, we wished that after all the years since the sale of Salm’s thumb, it would be good if construction began, ”said Martin Novotn, mayor of Olomouc.

Olomouc City Hall sold a Baroque building, in which some departments had long reported to the magistrate, for 51 million crowns in 2006. At that time, councilors claimed that the city had pensions to repair the monument. Experts estimated the reconstruction at ninety million crowns. At least his new owner Pavel Binar promised to invest this in his money.

The entrepreneur, who operates in Olomouc with a guideline, had a study of a new form of Salm’s thumb completed in 2007. The department of memorials at the master’s office originally rejected it due to the glass structure, which was supposed to cover two. After years, the members of the master finally agreed, even though experts from the Olomouc branch of the National Monuments State still have a different opinion.

One monument with a glass roof agrees, the other does not

“We had a number of things in mind. In the end, we managed to push through the wall as we presented him at the arrest. The glass roof will take the form of a cobweb and will be able to use an area that would otherwise remain unused, ”described the investor’s representative Karel urek.

The memory of the master, which has a definitive say in the decisive word, was convinced by the fact that two years ago Salm’s thumbs were devalued by the installation, which serves as the ground floor of the McDonalds restaurant.

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“Due to the fact that the yard lost its character as an inch, we approached the evaluation differently. It is said that today it is a normal courtyard area, “summed up the head of the memory department of Olomouc City Hall, Vlasta Kauerov, who said that the owner of the thumb had to rework the original proposals for the wall.

The national condition, which warned since the arrest that the wall of the Baroque monument does not belong, did not change the view. “We have used all the power to enforce our position. However, it did not work. We therefore respect the first investor to make the first decision, ”commented František Chupk, the director of the Olomouc branch of the National Monuments.

The owner of the thumb will also restore the Baroque paintings, although he would not have to

The reconstruction of Salm’s thumb should be completed in the middle of five years. The building will be rented on the ground floor of the repaired building, and there will be offices on the upper floors.

The last time Salmv thumb was repaired was in the 1950s. The current reconstruction should, among other things, shake off the original color of the facade, which experts are now trying to reveal. The owner has restored a rare late Baroque figurine painting in the first floor called Piano nobile (noble floor), which revealed a monumental survey.

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Salmv inch today and after the reconstruction, which is about to shake off the original color of the facade.

“It’s very dark, because we don’t have the tools to pin a private owner to restore things found. He could only preserve and seal them, ”said Vlasta Kauerov, the owner of the thumb.

Salmv inch stands in the place of the former t gothic houses. At the end of the 17th century, it was built by Julius Salm as a two-story Baroque inch. In the years 1785-1885, a café operated on the right side of the ground. This floor has been a building since 1792, when it became the world’s largest inch building in Olomouc.

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