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In the commodity business, trade safely first

Paper-trading means that you only trade with fictitious pensions, that you trade only as. You can focus and hone your business strategy and gain the necessary skills and confidence first, not start trading sharply.

Is it commercial on commodity market risks?
Yes, he is and the hunter in the market will lose all my pensions. As in any other business in the world. Nowhere do pensions fall on their own. Where there is a high profit margin, there must also be adequate risk. The coincidence is that we can control the risk to a certain extent. Nap. pouvnm stop-lossu, adequate money management, etc.

Can I trade commodities even if I have not studied economically?
Definitely yes. The commodity store is here for everyone. Vk, lingering or socially built do not play a role.

I have to have some experience, for example. with a trading event so I can trade commodities?
Not. Stock trading is a bit different. You don’t need a day of stock trading experience to trade commodities.

Is trading in commodity markets risky than trading in stock markets?
Let me answer the question: How is the difference between $ 200 lost in stocks and $ 200 lost in komoditch? From the point of view of lost entirety absolutely dn. You can lose in both markets. Only in actions they wind more slowly. On the other hand, get much slower in stocks.

Trading on commodity markets is not risky, it is only intended for aggressive people, who are also looking for an adequate appreciation of their pensions. However, people should be confronted with real business and have a long time to spend their strategies on the paper and are sure of what they are doing. Uninformed people can lose their pensions very quickly in commodity markets, in this respect, commodities are very risky.

Why haven’t I heard about the ability to trade on commodity markets?
Unfortunately, in Central Europe, there is no awareness of the possibility of this business. A far different situation is in the USA, where commodity trading in recent years has gained more and more to the forefront and slowly in many cases even the advance of trading stocks.

What piece of commodities can I trade with?
Zat se duis 1 000 USD. Drazn vak doporuujeme nezanat s stokou ni ne 5 00010 000 USD.

How markets would you recommend to novkm?
Markets were not volatile, with a reasonable margin and sufficient liquidity. Nap. sugar (Sugar # 11), corn (Corn) or even a mini-S&P market (especially for intraday stores). We definitely recommend newcomers to be driven away from all energy markets and from markets with very low liquidity, such as building dv (Lumber).

Where can I Find Commodity Charts?
You can find various types and sources on the website

How would you recommend novkm?
Choose a maximum of 3 markets to follow, choose a maximum of 3 strategies to test, and trade for a few months or even years on paper and test the strategy and various approaches on historical charts. And then give up and study. You need to look at the commodity trade like any other profession. Even the surgeon must first study for many years, observe many operations and try many of them “surely, he did not make his first” cut “and he will become a professional. In a commodity store, you need to proceed in the same way.

What is paper-trading?
The greatest advantage of the commodity business. An agreement that you will not get into the world in another day. Possibility to try it in naneisto! Paper-trading means that you only trade with fictitious pensions, that you trade only as. You can spend a lot of time, completely test and hone your business strategy, and first gain the necessary skills and confidence, do not start trading outright.

How much should I risk per trade?
Never more than 35% of yours here.

What strategy do you recommend for?
We recommend thorough study of such basic issues as double top / double bottom and supports and resistances. You will begin to study many and many graphs thoroughly and you will begin to experiment with various methods of shifting stop-loss, and thus the protection of accumulated profit. You will start to think about how to get the most profit from if you get into a profitable business. Engage your own head and creative potential. See that you will soon see her invisible.

Are there any courses in the Czech Republic where I can study in the field of commodity trading?
Yes, there is. More on the server

How long does it take to keep stable and long-term in commodity markets?
First of all, you really have to spend enough time, time and pace studying in the market. If you find your own strategy that works for a long time in paper-trading and on the basis of testing on historical charts, and you have enough confidence, then you can try to trade live.

From that moment on, you start fighting another factor in business psychologists. If you overcome this factor, you are well on your way. It is generally believed that whoever makes the first year of trading with a plus or minus result of zero, has a sunny opportunity to take the financial hurry.

What is the truth about the fact that some people lost in komoditch whole names?
The fact that many people have lost their name in other areas of business. If we are not knowledgeable and reasonable, we can lose all our assets in any business.

There is a similar horror story in komoditch. People who live in komoditch destroying losses often trade as gamblers, without stop-loss, without strategy, without money-management. With such an approach, nothing else is expected.

Especially in the commodity business, you need maximum vigilance. Never engage in business, do not fully understand their essence. Never trade without a thoroughly tested strategy and without a stop-loss. Commodity businesses are risky due to the described leverage effect and can offer both quick profits and quick losses.

ryvek is from the book
“Trading on commodity markets”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
For more information, visit

ryvek is from the book
“Trading on commodity markets”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
For more information, visit

ryvek is from the book
“Trading on commodity markets”
vydan nakladatelstvm
City Publishing,
For more information, visit

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