Wednesday May 25, 2022

Indonsie pin very promising investment with very high risk

Indons first ranks among the most promising economies of the future. Her potency is huge. And the development of the event on the stock exchange in Jakarta answered this. Over the last five years, the LQ 45 main stock index has multiplied in value.

So that it is not a promising economy in the long term, when the fourth most populous country on the planets with a population of 1.93%. In addition, Indonesia has a wealth of sales. That’s where the sale goes, where it usually takes. And so Indonesia has earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, landslides and put disasters. In the tropics, moreover, viruses and bacteria are present, and it is not surprising that various window mutations such as SARS and H5N1 arise here.

Prim play fuel
The main role in the economy of this country is played by raw materials and the associated industry. Indonesia is one of the leading producers of oil (1.01 million barrels per day) and natural gas, for example, holding the second peak in the export of liquefied natural gas just after Qatar. He gave the strategic raw material is coal, his resources are estimated at 36 billion tons. There will probably never be a shortage of demand for coal in these parts, with only growing high-voltage consumption in India and Japan. By the way, there is the longest coal in the world Kaltim Prima Coal.

Among other things, he put on the tide of telecommunications. It is enough to realize that the country has spread over more than 17,000 islands. The penetration of personal sweat is very low – 11.4 pieces per 1000 inhabitants. Banking services and tourism have a significant share in GDP. Bank Indonesia states that there are a total of 263 banks in the country. According to agriculture, GDP has been declining from year to year and in 2006 it was less than 14%. Agriculture also plays a significant role in the employment of the population and is an important source of income from exports.

Corruption and fear as the main hell
This shows the potential for future development of the economy and thus the stock market. Another problem (as in the last mentioned Philippines) is the high level of corruption. According to the bank’s worlds, Indonsia is in corruption in 96th place out of a total of 102 countries surveyed. The second thing is the general fear of the Western world for its life and for its first ownership, as it is a Muslim state. Indonesia, compared to other Muslim countries in the N-11 group, fell in love with democracy.

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