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Insist on your first. The seller must present the product

The seller is obliged to acquaint the customer with the sold product. It gave him a bill to protect consumers. This is not always the case in reality. Thin Radka from Liberec shared her experience with the breeding staff of lkrna with the editorial staff.

Mr. Radka has problems with diabetes. She therefore decided to buy a glucose meter so that she could have her own sugar level regularly. She gave the master in the factory that sold her the product about its demonstration and an explanation of how to use it first.

They didn’t have time for it, and they wouldn’t even unpack the box with the glucometer and show them how to handle the device, they said at a speed of only the first. At the same time, they referred her to a detailed guide, according to which she is sure to find her way around without any problems. But that was a problem for Radek. Even with the kind of nvtv lkrny bag on her did not have time. It helped and strength of the enthusiasts, only then in the lkrn they dedicated and explained.

In lkrn, they behaved contrary to the law

The breeding of the staff of lkrna was in conflict with the Consumer Protection Agreement. If the nature of the product allows it – what was met in the case of the meter – the seller is obliged to present the product to a sufficient number of consumers.

“If the wolves proceeded as described, then they did not fulfill this obligation. Especially in the case of the first use of the device, which monitors the health of the buyer, it should be a matter of course that the seller will answer the consumer’s questions regarding the operation of the device and demonstrate the product’s function at the dispensing, “says Miloslava Flglov, spokesman for the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

“If the sales customer cannot inspect the product or refuses to show it, the conclusion of the purchase contract may result in further problems, for example in the event of a complaint. In such a case, the consumer should look for another seller, “adds Flglov.

Not that vrobek vm us prodvajc pedvst

If you say in the store that the seller acquaints with the product and does not refer only to the instructions, you have the right to do so and it is therefore also the duty of the seller.

“Inform consumers about how to use and care about the product if there is a danger if it is not used properly, and in virtually all cases. The only exception is if the facts are mainly or generally known. So the seller will certainly not explain how to use regular fat on the bottom, ”says Luk Zelen, head of the first advisory dTest.

Informing how to use the product correctly is one thing. The other is shown to him. Here you will come across limited. The seller is obliged to present the product if the nature of the product does not allow it.

“If we take it into absurd puzzles, it is not possible to show off the nature of things and try you erotic aids. Then we will present very large products, such as slingshots, dishwashers, freezer boxes. The seller of the bag always has to inform the customer about the method of use and gossip of the product, ”adds Zelen.

Is the product not working? Ask for a mistake

If a product that they did not show at the store will not work at home, ask for its replacement perfectly without the remaining threshold. Alternatively, take advantage of the first contract to withdraw. However, you do not have to proceed to the elimination of defects by repair.

The first six months have a consumer-built structure, ie also called first protection. “Generally, if the defect manifests itself within six months of buying the goods, it is assumed that it was there at the time of the purchase, unless the seller says otherwise,” explains Zelen.

The cancellation for the goods takes a total of 24 months, but after the remaining 18 months the consumer must prove that the product is defective.

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