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Internet textile retailers violate the law, the test failed

When shopping in e-shops, find out in advance which wool the goods are made of and how to maintain them. Most sellers significantly ignore and thus violate their obligation. Chemick itn me nkup prodrait and do not even have to fit the selected size. This is pointed out by the current survey of the dTest and the Textile Test Condition.

“Only those of the online retailers out of the five tested meet the final requirements for labeling and providing the right information. 80 percent of sellers do not answer the size of the Czech standards, “comments Milo Borovika, the first consultant of the dTest magazine, on the results of the current survey.

When selling textiles, sellers and manufacturers may use only the approved name of the fibers, the astm check is within the abbreviations or trade names. “Polyester or elastane are not very attractive, so sellers are replacing them with various trademarks and lay names. Labeled with fleece, lace or GoreTex, but not prescribed by the name of the wool, ”says Milo Borovika. As a matter of fact, the commercial name can be used if the seller also states what does not confuse the consumer, ie the officially marked fiber.

Jet he fully e-shops its obligation to inform about the manner of gossip, which is imposed by the Consumer Protection Act. “It seems that a number of sellers completely ignore it, only in five of the researches we will learn to go before buying how to take care of the ass,” to Borovika. Although the seller does not face a fine, but I will pay the customer for it. “In the event that the customer does not warn in advance that the clamp must not be slingshot and must pay the price, it should be successful in the event of a complaint. The seller then has to pay the costs, ”advises the first.

Do not lie to the seller with their customers, even with the size. “For marking letter letters such as S, M, L and XL, there is a technical standard that specifies how to indicate size ranges. Unfortunately, Bohuel is not serious, so each manufacturer determines the range of size, ”says Borovika.

As he explains, in most vendors can be traced table size, but only in five of the evaluators met with a certain tolerance of standards. “Own size ranges are about 60 percent of retailers and it happens that even with individual assortments of textiles. At most sellers, we did not find the table at all or it was used only for the transfer of various types of signs. ” close Borovika. Purchased clothes do not have to sit in size, which complicates the purchase, because it is necessary to return the goods.

When buying a textile, be interested in what kind of wool the goods are made of and how to maintain them?

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