Tuesday May 24, 2022

INTRODUCTION: Five quick steps to the gas spoe on FINmarket.cz

Have you considered changing your gas supplier, but don’t know how to choose the right supplier and enter the whole thing? The FINmarket.cz portal comparator, which belongs to the iDNES.cz family of websites, has prepared a clear guide on how to deal with a single dispute and publish it smoothly.

At finmarket.idnes.cz you will find a simple gas price calculator, with its help you will immediately find out how much you can alleviate your family budget. Just for the idea, the average number of disputes that FINmarket.cz clients reached in the first half of this year amounted to 4,600 crowns.

To calculate the dispute and compare offers, it is necessary to know a few necessary data.

1.Ron spoteba

You need to know your gas consumption in MWh. Consumption data is given on the invoice for the gas or you can leave the gas meter. However, pay attention to the fact that the gas meter shows values ​​in cubic meters. A simple formula is used to orient the pump: 1 m3 = 10.55 kWh. Divide the subsequent horse consumption by printing and obtain consumption in MWh.


2.Orientan estimate

If you don’t know your consumption, don’t worry. FINmarket.cz also prepared for Vs the opportunity to find out the dispute on orientan gas. It is enough to fill in the type of housing and the way of using natural gas. Get at least a rough idea of ​​the supplier’s offers.


It is also necessary to enter the location of the supply point, because the gas price is set differently in each distribution area.

4.Current supplier

You will not forget to choose your existing supplier, you will compare its offer with other gas traders.

5.Personal gives

The last item is personal data such as first and last name, phone and e-mail. Thanks to them, FINmarket.cz employees will be able to contact and address vs with a custom offer. Do not give personally to anyone else and dispose of them according to the law.

The subsequent transition to a cheap gas supplier is easy, administrative needs for all FINmarket.cz employees. After you choose the best product, a specialist will contact you by phone, who will answer any questions and help you conclude the contract.

In order to study it in detail, receive all the papers sweat. Then just send the signed contract back and you don’t have to worry about everything.

To change gas suppliers?

Kadoron records the highest gas costs for households in the winter. The heating season starts at the middle of June and November, only the best time to change gas supplier is in summer. If you want to heat the coming winter with cheaper gas, you can start changing in advance. The main reason is that the standard reporting period lasts for three months.

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