Tuesday May 24, 2022

Invest ecologically

If you are a fan of an ecological lifestyle, you can invest in accordance with your beliefs.

Today, there are several green funds operating on the Czech market, which belong to the family of so-called socially responsible. They are also interesting for the investment company itself. According to Pioneer Investments R analyst Roman Dvok, they are interested in ethical investing for several reasons:

Thanks to the fact that they have specific funds on offer, they can also invite people to invest who would not otherwise go into it. They managed to convince you of orthodox things to buy Chesan funds.

Specialized funds, including ecological ones, may be able to operate the entire market at a certain time. The fact that you invest in other funds does not mean that it is a charity. The performance of environmental funds has significantly improved the performance of the entire global equity market in the last 5 years. Socially responsible investment does not mean no return, often on the contrary, confirms Tom Kopeck from SOB. It offers water funds that invest, for example, in the actions of companies engaged in screening, desalination, water quality control or research.

P Invest will again offer the Fund’s shares on the planet. The fund invests in a company that actively focuses on issues of climate protection, recycling of materials, alternative energy sources, bioproducts or water purification, said Milan Tomek, from PPF Asset Management.

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