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Invest in sndan: kva, cocoa and sugar promise interesting profits

Let’s give you a tip on how to spend on these komoditch. Especially now, when the capital markets are bad, it can be an interesting way for everyone to appreciate their income. You can orient yourself in them.

Coffee, cocoa, sugar and oranges belong to a group of commodities called soft commodities, or are not used as metals, but are grown.

Don’t over good medicine

Kva is the second most traded commodity in the world in terms of physical volume, in terms of oil growth. It can be traded through futures contracts, CFD contracts or so by buying an action of a company that deals with processing metals. Or companies that specialize in the operation of cafes.

The most liquid futures contract for ku is available on the New York Commodity Exchange. It is one of the oldest futures contracts traded on the markets ever. Due to seasonality, cyclical trade and geopolitical factors, the price of fluctuations has large price fluctuations.

For example, at the end of this year, the price of kva rose by 25% due to the lower harvest in Brazil. Over the last year, the price of kva has risen by about 27%, currently the pound of kva is trading at $ 140. Therefore, anyone who would trade in order should research the market and how different factors affect it.

As with other commodities, it is possible to trade CFD contracts. CFDs are contracts derived from the futures contract price of the current contract month. With a CFD contract, unlike a futures contract, there is no risk of physical supply.

Dal the way you can spend on the price of flowers are the shares of a company that deals with the processing of flowers or operates cafes. The most famous chain of coffee is probably the American Starbucks. Nestl or Kraft Foods from the Altria group, for example, produce the most famous kvy characters. However, the purchase of a share does not guarantee profits from the growth of world market prices, or other factors are also reflected in the share price of the company. Further information can be found on the website of the International Commission:

The development of flowers in the last two years

from cocoa

Cocoa grows in hot and childy climates, making it one of the largest producers of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigria and Brazil.

The possibilities of investing in cocoa are similar to those of kva. These are again futures contracts, traded on the New York Commodity Exchange, derived CFD contracts, or the shares of companies engaged in processing cocoa beans.

As with cocoa, the cocoa market is under cyclical and seasonal effects, so fluctuations in cocoa prices may be known. The price of cocoa on world markets has risen by more than 100% since the end of 2006. Cocoa, which is always used in the production, is very popular in times of high economic growth. You are currently exploring the fast-growing countries of Asia.

The price of sugar is affected by the price of oil

As with cocoa, sugar can be traded simply through a futures contract, a CFD contract, or through the shares of a sugar company. The New York Commodity Exchange offers two futures contracts – Sugar 11 and Sugar 14. Sugar 11 represents the price of sugar produced globally, while the contract for Sugar 14 represents sugar produced in the United States. Even the price of sugar is very volatile. Recently, the price of sugar has been firmly affected by the record price of oil, which supports the production of biofuels from sugar cane. Since the April meeting, the price of sugar has risen by 50%.

Pomerane under a baton called poas

Pomeranov va is the only futures contract traded, which is based on tropical fruits, ie oranges. Growing intensively in Florida and Brazil, which is the largest producer. Because spoilage is relatively fast, futures contracts are a frozen ratio that is easy to store and can be delivered at the time the futures contract expires.

Two different orange contracts can be traded on the New York Commodity Exchange. One represents orange production from Florida and Brazil, the other contract represents world production. Here, too, there is the possibility of investing in the action of companies engaged in, for example, the cultivation of this tropical fruit.

Orange production is very sensitive to the weather, especially the hurricane season in Florida or drought and frost. So if we want to invest in oranges, we must monitor the development of poas in Brazil and Florida.

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