Wednesday May 25, 2022

Invest spe in eskch or foreign degree? Beware of my risk

Investors tend to be best at the domestic stock market. In particular, there is a relatively sufficient amount of information about the companies that issue shares and about price movements. Let’s see where it pays to invest more – whether at home or abroad.

Investors in the domestic market thus have no worries about currency risk. The exchange rate of the Czech koruna to other currencies, and if the koruna sent, the profit for investors trading abroad will change automatically.

In any case, those interested in investing in foreign markets should pay for the full costs associated with transactions, including all fees for retail trade. The number of investors looking for growth in foreign markets is growing rapidly. Lkaj is gaining profits for such titles as the American search Google, his shares have strengthened by 160 percent in the last few years.

Central European markets Poland, Hungary
Many companies offer, for example, the Polish market, where a significant number of stocks are traded. The number of traded issues on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) reached 284 in 2006. Given that even small crack stock exchange do not trade.

Investors can easily follow such a close market as the Polish one, because information about its development is available, not for example in the Asian or American markets. Growth trends in both markets may be similar. Similar characteristics pay, for example, the Hungarian stock exchange.

Go all the way to the entrance
The return on investment is based on risky investment opportunities in emerging markets. For example, US stocks rose 19 percent in August 2007, and a total of 120 percent in the last 12 months.

Some of the strongest emerging market stocks are also traded on the London and New York stock exchanges, in dollars or pounds under standard conditions for large stock exchanges. In this way, investors usually demand Russian shares, which have added more than 15 percent in the last 12 months.

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