Friday May 20, 2022

Investin’s competition for Porsche will probably be controlled by women

The best competitor in the company X-Trade Brokers, on which the iDNES port is also medically based, has exceeded 1000%. The number of contestants is around 20,000 and the type of notebook knows its owner.

Porsche will bring investors, which will see a growing number of brothers. Even after a month of functioning competition (including two weeks of trial operation), a thousand new participants signed up daily. Unlike the first sharp week, this time there were more and the ratio of competitors settled to 66 to 34 in favor of him.

Another motivation for the sex offender could be the information that the contestant Pavel was even the first investor to break the border by 1000% and finished the second week in the first place. However, in the end it was not enough for a laptop for the best weekly performance. Mr. Martin from Vetat won the second laptop with a weekly evaluation of over 934%.

For all those who did not go to the competition according to their ideas and got into a nightmare, it is a good first fact that after the first week Mr. Martin was in town and there was 12,483 with an appreciation of -33.13%. At the end of the week, he got to the overall quarter of the city.

Try investing in commodities and win PORSCHE

Slowly but surely, the number of lost traders is expanding and by the end of the week their number increased to 7141. The highest losses during the second week climbed to an incredible 1224.8%. The dog is 100% lost in the loss so far, 106 competitions, which is quite good compared to 427 competitions with a profit exceeding 100%. The hopeless thousand-year-old investor then got over 50% in the red.

The new record holders also appeared among the most active traders. Monday 22.10. Mr. Robert from Valaskho Mezi 303 completed the deal. Really worthy performance. The popularity of the instrument is still led by oil and currency against EUR / USD, the least interest is in the Japanese index Nikkei 225.

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