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Investovn 1.dl: Even the poor have to invest

Are you one of those who feel that all pensions are paid into the air within a month after paying all the necessary and unnecessary expenses? Doesn’t even think about thinking about a pension or investment? Don’t despair, you too.

To this day, most families who do not have above-average incomes that the situation is not in a suitable way and do not want to excess money to work on the bank or darkened here in the bank. Unfortunately, pensions work hard on them, and moreover, it is manifested by a decrease in their relative value, not growth. Moreover, for example, pensions on a large scale are very tempting for us to gradually spend them in the first and most sensible way. It is prudent to limit bank deposits if possible to a minimum.

lovk today doesn’t have to earn msn statisce to be able to invest. And even judiciously investing. It is no exception that the hunter read a few plates of thousands of crowns and either it is not decided what to do with them or the money for a suitable size. Those who do not have enough resources at once can then invest regularly.

Prefer the crown

In any case, the one who does not have a large amount of resources to be able to afford to create a portfolio, should consider investing only in eskch korunch. Although it is still talked about blcm of joining the Union’s unions, at present this darkness under the jet is not entirely relevant. The possibilities shrink a bit, but there is always something to choose from.

Lonely shares, or derivative products tied to stocks are plural tracks, but a very good alternative for koruna investors are catch funds. Provide good diversification, a proportion of the risk and quite favorable fees. Those who rely on regular investment can be realized in products that are offered by every investment company, and these are profile funds that invest in other funds depending on how risky the investor profile prefers.

What share funds can you invest in?

So how do we distribute the means when we can’t jump too much? Even in these investor groups, there may be individuals with you or her risk tolerance and otherwise investment horizon. Ani ti konzervativnj However, they should not fully discard the risks of the tool. Stock and dynamic smen fondy If you find a city in your portfolio, you don’t have to be there. They can take up about ten percent of the portfolio. Dynamic profiles of funds are suitable for regular investors.

The second largest item (20 30%) will be the most conservative products, where we could re-market funds, this time money market funds. Although they have not recently achieved general results (this applies to all assets in the capital markets), in the long run, the kiln should only pre-empt term deposits. A big plus for the funds is good liquidity. Conservative or careful profile programs are useful for regular investors.

The largest share (60 70%) will represent products, their risk and return potential are somewhere between stocks and money market instruments. These are mainly bonds and exchange balanced and defensive funds. Although their risk and returns do not equal the action (equity funds), they are you, not u money market fund. They are a kind of golden middle way. For regular investment, the throw is then, resp. balanced profiles.

Stranger just for me

Possible investment in a foreign currency is especially active for those who are not afraid of risk and are willing to do their best for the highest possible return, even with a small amount of available funds. Such investors may take some risk related to the movement of the exchange rate of the Czech koruna, but on the other hand they have the choice to invest. These include, in addition to products for koruna investors (large fund of funds, or individual events) as high-risk products (warranty, knock-out certificates, which, but with a small amount of available resources are not very suitable), as well as conservative alternatives (ETF, indexes certificates etc.). It is important to keep in mind that foreign currency investments will represent only a small percentage of the total portfolio and will invest in products with a long horizon and return potential, so that the impact of currency risk is reduced to a minimum.

In this group of investors, together with koruna equity funds, these instruments will make up at least 30 percent of the portfolio. Around 60% should be bond funds, or the development of profiles of the money market instrument will form the necessary minimum.

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Try to invest in the life cycle

Very interesting products, which have recently been looking for a place on the market, are investments associated with automatic rebalancing and reallocation (regrouping, gradual change of risk and return profile) of the portfolio. A large number of investors do not even have such an opportunity, or do not know how to buy. Abroad, they are born under the name Lifecycle funds.

The basis is the transfer of funds from risky assets to conservative products in time without the investor taking care of this activity. This is especially true for inexperienced investors who could very easily make the remaining mistakes and save them time. An investor with a long horizon can thus invest more in risky assets and over the years the funds will move to conservative products. On the other hand, in the case of an investor with a short horizon, it has been dominated by risk-free tools since the investment was arrested, and their increase increases over time. For us, such products are offered, for example, by Conseq Invest (a program called Horizont Invest), nebo Pioneer Investments (Rentier Invest). It is possible to use both single-form and regular form. For investors who do not have much experience with investing and do not have the time to take care of where and when to invest, this type of fund can only be recommended.

Think about investing even a small drain, or do you think that threatening small disputes with the remaining risk is not worth it? Dark on your nzory.

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