Wednesday May 25, 2022

Is he hiding in entrepreneurial talent?

If you are going to start a business, you have to prepare for a lot of worries that no one can take care of. The following test will tell you if you are good at business, and you should look elsewhere for more.

You know the letters in the answers, agree with them. You can check more than one letter for each answer. The strength of one of them determines how much you are destined to be independent. If the same number of two different letters comes out, it is an interface of two types.

1. Neighbor next door vs. asking for two pellets of sugar

Ask if he wants semolina, flour, or crystal
you will sell it with the fact that you have a lot of work C
bring j ndobu with sugar B

2. Kamard will soon be fifty years old, and so on

fly him congratulating SMS C
you will go to the restaurant together, where you will remember the B time
you will organize a spectacular celebration with a full surprise

3. You go around a bankrupt business in your street, its owner offers premises for rent

Think of something about the people who appreciated St. C
ask your partner what he would say about a career
Think about how the services around you are missing B

4. With colleagues in employment

se snate bt zadobe, contacts may be useful A
swap both words, but otherwise look for work C
you have a friendly relationship with some of them

5. Kdy vs pepadne patn nlada

go to the cinema on comedy B
you will get to work C
fill in your payment card A in the nearest shopping center

6. Mobile phone for vs sign…

annoying thing that you only have because of your close C
asn vynlez A
a useful tool, you do not bake its meaning B

7. Which words would you put in your coat of arms

wisdom, vda, first B
freedom, responsibility, wealth
lska, proda, music C

8. You won 20 million crowns in the lottery

you will go on a trip around world C
buy a luxury sdlo and prestin car B
you invest in pennch and equity fund A

9. They are popular literature

memory spnch lid A
travelogues B
romantick pbhy about lsce and courage C

from open space.
Like ants?



If you do not do business, you should do so as soon as possible. You can grind coldly, analyze the situation, do not succumb to emotions. Once you get into it, you give it all your energy. When you know your final meaning, you work hard. Just be careful not to affect the surroundings, sometimes even think of the species. The achievement of economic independence vs did not give the people.

Pevaha psmene B: BUDOUC IVNOSTNK

I have a business with a parquet floor. Even if you are both impulsive, you can consume the pros and cons. Sometimes the bag falls and you are concerned about the worries and uncertainties that can be a brake on your way to the shower. Try to rely more on yourself and me on the vemon line around.


It is better not to get involved in business. When making a decision in life, especially the heart, both the bag and later find out that he was hastened. Logic is not your strong point, you better rely on your favorite talismans. Pensions for everything mean a means to get rid of and joy, don’t think about the back of the bike. At both times, you act like a people flying in the clouds, a clear return to reality would certainly not harm.

How to easily get them?

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