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Is it possible to claim a holiday? Bad on travel contracts

We can also complain about a holiday or, more precisely, a trip with which we are not satisfied. It is possible to complain about even the missing view of me from the hotel room. This only applies if we have an insight into the sea specified in the travel contract.

Complaints m

Mr. Ji was on vacation with a travel agent in Turkey. The first unpleasant surprise awaited her right after entering the hotel: a quiet room, a place with a view of the kitchen and a courtyard with garbage. He complained to the delegate and the next day he was grown in another room. He was in her horseshoe. Even so, he was not satisfied with the holiday.

According to the catalog of thvzdikov hotel, food all inclusive, a number of sports activities, for a hundred hundred meters. According to him, the reality was different. “Poor food, five hundred meters, full of pins, in addition, those of the announced sports activities could not be run,” says the customer. And so he complained again, after returning home. He piloted the photo and a detailed breakdown of all the shortcomings and demanded the return of three thousand crowns per person. The travel agency refused, but as an apology she sent two shops worth five hundred crowns to buy the next trip.

“If the customer is looking for an unsuitable diet and I’m busy, then the travel agency really isn’t to blame,” explained lawyer Pavel Nastis. However, the travel agency believes that it would include information in the catalog of other things, not the fact. However, you should be aware that the price of the trip includes transport, accommodation and meals. “I think that the discount of thousands of crowns is absolutely adequate,” the lawyer summed up the problem.

Don’t underestimate the travel contract

The basic and basically the only document between you and the travel agency is the travel contract. And it is very important what it contains. The travel contract must be in writing and must contain the designation of the departure, the date of commencement and termination, the price of the departure, the method of transport, a description of the hostel and the type of catering. “In particular, the defined hostel should be quite detailed so that it does not happen that I book a congress, its part is a hostel in a five-star hotel and in the city the delegate will want to accommodate me in a cottage,” said lawyer Pavel Nastis.

The travel contract should state what you have agreed with the travel agent, including that you will have a room with a view of the sea. Salary, what is a song, is a bottom. And if the travel agent does not fulfill his promises, but there is no mention of them in the contracts, you will demand redress. However, the contract will, for example, refer me to the description of the hotel and services listed in the catalog. Then, of course, the travel agent is obliged to comply with what she stated in the catalog.

You can also complain about the lack of insight into the sea

“You can complain about basically anything that is in conflict with the travel contract,” said the lawyer, “for example, the fact that there is a hostel in the contract with a view of the sea, but in the city you have a hostel in a room without a view of the sea,” he added. .

You can also complain that the fact does not correspond to the description in the catalog, ie that, for example, you do not have a floor meter, as stated in the catalog, but a kilometer. The travel agent is responsible for ensuring that the trip is carried out as agreed in the travel contract and does not make excuses for the fact that the service was arranged by its contractual partner, such as a hotel.

Advertise on mst

If you are not satisfied with the trip, report immediately to the city with the travel agent’s delegate. Defects can often be removed in the city, in the case of a room with a poor view of the sea grown to another room. Complaints can be issued and delivered by providing a discount. Complaints can be made even after the return of the house, no later than three months from the end of the departure.

If you do not agree on a discount with the travel agent, then you feel that you are entitled to a discount, not the one provided by the travel agent, then you will not be able to file a lawsuit and claim your claim in court.

“I recommend making a complaint in writing and either have a copy confirmed by the travel agent from me, or send a complaint by recommendation,” Nastis recommended. It is appropriate to attach photos proving the claimed defects to the complaint. Complaints must be filed within thirty days.

Make sure that the travel agent is insured against a pad

And you have opted for any travel agency, you don’t have to worry about drinking for your pension or staying abroad. The law has the obligation to be insured against a parachute. This means that even if you are on holiday and the travel agency goes bankrupt, the insurance company will return the house. If you have not traveled, drill in the connection with the paid stku.

“Of course, one thing is a legal obligation and the other thing is the reality, ie whether the real travel agency with which I want to travel abroad is insured against the downfall,” warned the lawyer. But there is nothing easy not to ask directly at the travel agency. The customer first has to go to the travel agency to inspect the proof that he is insured before concluding the contract.


  • If you are looking for a travel agency, you can ask. Of course, the best is actually a good experience or recommended by them. A long functioning travel agency should be a sure guide.
  • Check whether the travel agency is connected and look at the range of connections.
  • In general, do not choose travel agencies, their prices are suspiciously lower compared to other offers on the market. Make sure that the discount that travel agents and agencies are attracting is a discount.
  • Buy the exit where you get as much information as possible about the country, the hotel, transport to the city, just about the exit itself.
  • Find out the maximum available information about the hotel and compare the facts with your own.
  • Have all the essential information and requirements concerning your holiday recorded in the travel contract. If your requirements are in writing, you will be able to prove what you actually paid at the travel agency.
  • If you are not satisfied with the descent, you can complain about it. File any complaints as soon as possible in the city, a number of shortcomings can be resolved immediately.
  • You can claim a departure no later than t msc from its end. Take photos or video of the claimed facts, contact another passenger for a possible witness statement.
  • When traveling abroad, even with a travel agent, insure yourself against the castle of skulls.
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