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It is better to insure yourself when traveling abroad

for a broken holiday it could cost you 400 crowns, or even more than 70 thousand. Bad on how you are connected. Most risks are covered by travel insurance.

We have prepared an example for the Krz family, who went on a ten-day vacation to Croatia. She encountered several unpleasant events:

  • the children played with the meme and managed to break the window,
  • the children both drank a lot of water – as a result they were sweating, she diagnosed her with lace, they had to pick them up in the factory,
  • my mother nodded her leg and broke her ankle. They operated on it, spent the day in the hospital and then drove her home in an ambulance.

1. Have only a health insurance card

They are entitled free of charge only for necessary and immediate remediation, and in addition only in contracted state health facilities. At the same time, he has to pay the surcharges in the same way as a Croat.

What for: The king has to get a contracted doctor. In Croatia, live in Kad VT village. The two have the words “Obligatory” on the two, the same mark is carried by the contractual window. The loan is either “for the insurance company” and they pay only the co-payment, or pay the entire amount to the city and then pay the health insurance company for payment. When they don’t have enough pensions, the doctor will issue an invoice. He had to pay the bag to Krl after the return. they will then go to the health insurance company, which will be reimbursed in accordance with and according to the tables. They also get me, they didn’t pay. Pevoz house pojiovna neproplc.

How much did they pay:

  • 3,000 crowns for a broken window,
  • they did not pay for the children, only for recipes and bowls about 400 crowns,
  • for my mother’s stay in the hospital 1,100 crowns, medicine and surgery 50,000 crowns, transport 40,000 crowns,
  • total: 94 500 crowns,
  • from the insurance company: approx. 23,000 crowns,
  • from own: 71,500 crowns.

2. They have agreed on a classic travel insurance

According to the recommendations of the Czech Association of Insurance, it is good for the family to consider such an insurance, which will offer a limit of skull talents of at least millions of crowns.

What for: It is necessary to call the assistance service, they told Krlova on the cards. You can call at any time, the operator speaks Czech. The call was called, sometimes they take the call and call the client back. They recommended a specific medical facility on the line. Mr. Krl could not agree, so he just pedaled the handset and the insurance company issued the doctor herself. They paid for the city in the factory, after the return they sent the insurance company and she reimbursed the costs.

How much they paid: 420 and 1 680 crowns for insurance.

3. Use a payment card

Both Gold and Business payment cards have a complete travel insurance, which can be purchased at the bank. Pay off whoever travels abroad often.

What for: call the assistance service, gave them the same as in the second scene.

How much did they pay: from 35 crowns msn, ppadn of 400 korun ron.

How much does it cost abroad
Disease Charges for lbu in korunch
Zavac problem (Tunis) 3 500
Diseases of the respiratory tract (Croatia) 2 200
Znt stednho ucha (Bulgaria) 3 000
Oeten tooth (ecko) 2 800
Insect sting reaction (Egypt) 3 000
Znt moovch cest (Croatia) 1 200
Blind stevo – hospitalization (Egypt) 100 000
Broken leg (Turkey) 64 000
Hospital Day (Germany) 270
Eye surgery (New Zealand) 180 000
Tropick horeka Dengue (Sr Lanka) 40 000
Bone fracture (Austria) 225 000
Zdroj: SOB pojiovna, AXA pojiovna, Allianz pojiovna.
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