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It is good to insure the pension

For when and at what point is it possible to have a well-concluded pension contract of interest to an interested citizen, both those who have just forgotten about the conclusion of the contract and those who are not fully sure whether they have met in their current contracts do ve msnho pspvku. What motivates people to take part in this relatively modern form of dispute?

The seemingly trivial question – for which it is good to insure a pension – I have a lot of good, but not always optimal answers. Undoubtedly, we will agree on what the answers of the people to whom this question was asked indicated: We are joining both because we have our own disputes and because we want to value our pensions, as usual.

But neither one nor the kind of furnace is an exclusive bet penzijnho pipojitn! Today, a hunter can get to high disputes by means of a regular connection to the straw (only if he does not pay attention to inflation), to go through regular routes on a bank account and a savings in a savings bank, do not talk about building savings or buying a share only the title, their courses will grow), but so real estate (but again only those who will have at a time that will be important to me, go for some value) and the like. The example is certain, but let’s note that the pension connection is just a slightly different method of getting to the customs.

What is characteristic for them, and for them to actually have a good contract?

For the first: This is, in principle, a very long-term, more accurate, with regard to the duration of the permanent pension connection and a general problem, when the responsible person in particular gets the certainty that he or she has for the rest of his or her future.

The purpose of the supplementary pension is to gradually, after a relatively small amount of contributions to accumulate in a personal time at a time when the hunter is engaged in active employment and cultivates income from employment (and generally from any significant involvement), to determine the personal chapter. When else do you create it first in this safe and relatively insignificant way, not at a time when the hunter has had the opportunity to choose how he managed his income.

The amount that should be involved in disputes should be settled: on the one hand, it should not burden the current budget inexpensively, on the other hand, it should be so high that it will be guaranteed by the hunter during the senior age in a relatively significant part of his own budget. This is the undisputed first reason.

What kind of pension will we take? It probably won’t be for jumping. Vce tte HERE.

In what bag is the connection connected?

Let’s compare it: If for most other ways of investing (which may be a short-term profitable, but usually also risky), it is possible to achieve a missed goal, although extremely unpleasant and always unpleasant, but in principle and so much does not happen: If, for example, someone He has been investing in pensions in the form of purchase and sale for many years action i obligac with the aim of buying a new car, and the expected return will not only not come, but their final selling prices will not even reduce even two costs for their construction, then simply buy the car delayed and it will drive for good, even buying used car at an affordable price in the bazaar. More generally: Whether the investment goal will be achieved or not will not have fatal, literally existing consequences for the hunter in this case.

The pension connection is somewhat different: It is very certain that the citizen is in dispute and out of various forms sttn support even the income from the income of the pension fund will see and will be able to take them. This is the reason for very strict regulation of capital investment.

According to us, we can see what practical consequences this leads to in the case of the Czech pension model (unlike the British and American models). Retirement benefits in this respect are not among the risks of the investment, on the contrary: in our case, it is too easy to be sure.

For species: The hunter will probably need the income from the supplementary pension, because the pension will be low. As we can see in a while, in the future, without a pension in the form of regular payment of pensions from the supplementary pension, there would be a risk that if only from his old-age pension, his income position would be close to the subsistence level. Therefore, there is no alternative here, not to take care of the added income. All the proposals that have been made in relation to the future senior seniors in the horizon of the next ten or twenty years, and unfortunately in the long term clearly say that it will most likely be extremely difficult to prevent the ongoing decline according to the average old-age pension to average wages.

First of all, the fault is the godfather of the gods, then the slackness and then under the control of a fundamentally uncontrollable demographic crisis. In large part, we know at least its basic contours on the basis of existing knowledge, because there is no doubt that the first changes in the demographic structure will have an impact on pension insurance (or open up space for supplementary pensions).

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