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It is not appropriate to exchange pensions for a holiday, get enough

In most cases, it does not pay off when you change your holiday pension in the first shift and not at the bank at all. Do not go for a foreign currency, you should find out the rates in the area or on the websites of banks. Up to the wrong rate are counterfeit banknotes or later complaints.

1. Find a suitable course

If you have some time before going abroad, find out the courses in several directions in the area. You can also find suitable courses on the Internet. The pages of the directives as well as the banks will help me. Sometimes it pays to take just one step and you will find a suitable course. You can then save, for example, on one hundred euros, two hundred and three hundred crowns.

2. View the course list

Sometimes it is even a problem to change the exchange rate list at all. In one direction in Prague, they have it in the corner, away from the customers. VIP courses, which are suitable, are listed first in the course list. For example, you must replace the bag with 30 thousand crowns.

After VIP courses, there is often a currency column to buy and then the currency to sell. Pay attention to the data, which are a small dog under the exchange rate list.

3. Let Poulin veklky run for a long time

Even if a well-dressed sympak will offer you a suitable currency exchange in time, you better not pay attention to it. While you are concentrating on the necessary pension, someone will give me a baptism, or you will all pay for the banknote.

4. Rinse your pension immediately
Complaints in the guidelines are only possible until you leave the window. Therefore, it is better to check your pension and recharge immediately. When a banknote is suspected, have it exchanged. It doesn’t have to be a fake, but it’s better to be sure.

5. Mince is the only one in memory

Did you come from vacation and are you left with any change? Either keep them in mind or for a trip abroad. The exchange rate is exchange, but only for half the exchange rate. If there are more currencies you want to exchange left, buy at the appropriate exchange rate.

6. Ask for small things

Do not allow to read in the instructions even if they do not have banknotes. When you leave only hundred euros, you can have problems abroad to change them. If you do not have small banknotes, feel free to change your pension elsewhere.

7. If you want a pension, prepare your documents

Act. 253/2008 on certain measures against the legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing require banks and directives to require documents if you want to exchange more than one thousand euros or twenty thousand crowns.

8. No charge means cheap

Some people state that you do not pay a daily fee when changing your pension. In addition, there will really be nothing in exchange, but the exchange rate is so inappropriate that it pays to exchange it at the banks that charge you.

9. Watch the actions

Even poulin directives can have their promotions and discounts. For example, if you print their coupon from the website before exchanging pensions in the Czech-exchange, get the VIP exchange rate. The VIP exchange rate is paid for when exchanging the amount of pensions, or when you want to exchange foreign currency for Czech crowns.

He gave a suitable action. If you tell the employee the password Prague in Eurochange, get a suitable VIP course for buying and selling currencies.

esk spoitelna so this year from June 1 to 30 from the release of its fee. Out of season, you would pay one percent for the exchange of pensions, at least 50 crowns.

tte v tern MF TODAY

In the area of ​​Penze you will find a large test of changes from all over the Czech Republic. We found a place where you can conveniently exchange your pension for a holiday.

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