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iv will avoid debt. First they are helpful, then they can confirm

Starting from a long-term pension is often a great skill. therefore, the vitel enforces in neiv own darkness, but invites this round to specialists. How hard it is, she showed to the people for whom debt is a daily bread.

I went to Jesenka, a mountain town with high unemployment. He spread out in the room I had entered, as if in a very long way.

Roughly eight-eight modern extortions, however, are not at all swollen fighters with well-developed muscles and hard fists. Many are very young and strong. They sit at the sweat and the earphones ring behind their ears, their voices much more mature, not what their owner looks like.

I want to agree, but umj bt i very ost

“Let me make an appointment,” I hear a dear man clearing the dial on the other end of the phone line. The voice communicates with a long pmoae, confident, literary and without pebrept. Gain respect.

Every day these women talk and they do not pay with the press, who owe money to banks, insurance companies, mobile operators, leasing companies and other companies. But first he has to go through a special knee and thorn.

“First phone bv vstcn. We want to agree and advise the debtor on how to deal with the situation. After a fourth reminder, when the long term cannot be paid, there is no room for a pleasant answer, ”says manager Luk Plhal from MBA Finance, which is one of the largest collection companies in the Czech Republic.

Cyclones are not the worst longest

Together with Luke, I move into a quiet room and shake hands with Michael and Martina. Vymhn species is their first job, they started here right after the bike. Both look kehce. Their colleague Jana is a year old, she drank after her mother, she took care of her son herself. Tom blew out the windows, then tried it with the police, but it didn’t work out. How to, this work suits him. It’s a cliché. “When I have long problems telling us that we’re blackmailed, I don’t know, I’ll be above all else.”

The name “debt recovery” does not suit either of them. “We are collection consultants,” all agree. And they agree on the other things. “It’s a work you can’t wear a house.” Each collection advisor talks about a hundred long days a day. “Skou do ei, don’t listen to what we do. woman bvaj hysterick, ”to Martina.

I learn that there are days when the debtors call themselves, they want to agree in peace on how to solve the problem and not prolong the whole thing. Then comes the big wave, calling mainly cyclones and arrogant individuals who only need to swear and swear a lot. So far, it has not been possible to probe the bag, for these waves appear. “Sometimes it’s that simple,” Vichni agreed.

“Those who ki are not the worst. Vad mi arrogantn lid, ”remarked Jana. “Sometimes we hear that the debt will be with the creditor, not with them and half the phone. But it’s our job, ”said young Michael.

Take the exact numbers by how much the debt will increase

I learn that a number of indebted people can lie perfectly and erase any reproaches. You lost memory and forgot about debts. Try to focus on the city and describe the most difficult life situations.

“One woman made excuses that seven children must live on them and not pay them. When I wondered how old she was, so many children couldn’t do it at all, ”Tom smiles. The mother gave the children the address and then completely declared that she took the fields to Jesenek to take care of him.

Many people deny their debts and do not shake even a crown. “Tell them they can end up in court, don’t stop. They all heard about the specificities that their debt will lose, when they will not have problems. ”

It also happens that the people lose their debt due to the loss of the document or in their distraction, when they forget to write a variable symbol and the payment does not arrive. Or they are a scam, sometimes even their neighbor. As an example of a debtor who found out that her husband had paid for his pension and his signature had fallen. He ended up after memi, but the debts fell on the woman. No one wanted to hear he was innocent.

“After the divorce, she took care of the children herself, I communicated several times, we agreed on a payment calendar. She really tried. When she was one day late with the installment, she immediately called out that the pension had not reached you. She eventually repaid the debt, ”recalls Luk on his arrests as a collection adviser. “According to the voice, it is clear that people are often in a real situation, but they have debts and have to pay them, it is their duty. Let’s look for a way out. ”

They completely re-evaluated the relationship to pensions

On their paid dog, 14 thousand crowns gross will appear, the head of the department no more than 20 thousand crowns gross. They are hard-pressed pensions. I hope that something can be saved with the salary and there are many more careful in the cost of retirement. “This work taught me to have such a foothold in tech. I want you to get proof of that, ”Tom responds.

“What did this job take from me? Illusion of financial literacy of the nation. Cover yourself, as it is possible, that so many people can pay such high debts and take a loan. Start first in the banks, they go to one, kind, aunt. When they do not get a loan, they work with non-banking institutions and eventually end up with usury. At the same time, they are not able to get a different contract, ”concluded manager Luk.

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