Friday May 20, 2022

Jablonex has new owners. Jewelery production is not drilled

The biutern giant, the Jablonex Group, definitely ended up in Jablonec. The end of this world-famous company was caused by the shareholders, when at the end of April they sold all the shares. The new owner is unknown yet.

The world-renowned manufacturer of Jablonex jewelery has a new owner. So far, an unknown company, which bought the overwhelming event, will mainly rent the area. The management of the company, which produces jewelry, promises that the new owner will bring to the empty production halls and thus send employment in the region.

Jablonex shareholders decided to sell a ninety percent stake at the end of April. “The new majority shareholder has not yet shared how it will handle the assets,” said one of Zdeka Truhlov’s shareholders. The sale of Jablonex was also confirmed by lawyer Ale Minak, who represents the company that bought most of the event. He didn’t reveal the owner either. “The new owner wants to mention only according to the action of Jablonex, which he got.”

There is speculation that the factories would be leased by the new shareholder. For example, the unused Palack area offers space for both production and storage, as well as for administrative activities or housing.

“There are, for example, offices, the new owner will probably want to rent them. If he wanted to turn the factory into flats, he would have to apply for a change in the land register, ”says Miroslav Pelta, Jablonec’s representative and football boss.

Vroba se u nevrt

According to the chairman of the Association of Glass and Jewelery Maker Jaroslav Hlubek, he is definitely not sure to drill jewelery into the production halls. “If a company or a glass company wanted to restore production here, we would know about them,” Hlubek pointed out. The union is the only one that has a hall near Mena. In April, together with biuter companies, they opened the largest biuter store in Europe. “So we’d love to know, we will deal with km in the future,” Hlubek remarked.

Thus the world-famous emblem of Jablonex has a new owner. About two years ago, the Fanjoya Group became a Spanish company.

For two years, Jablonex has been trying to sell all the scandals through a cracked real estate agency. Altogether for 400 million crowns. Ned se vak ct, e realita uslap. To this day, the objects are dark. In addition, at the dam, where the Czech Mint said.

There was no interest in the halls

While it seemed that there would be the most interest in Arel Palackho, most companies want to go to the railway Brod. Especially small local companies showed interest. For example, the company Detex, which produces decorative and technical glass, or Autodoprava Novotn wanted to buy the building. As for me, they have a signed reserve contract. However, in connection with the sale of the event, we do not know how it will be, ”said Andr Jakubika, the mayor of Iron Brod.

According to the mayor, it would be better if the local iron and steel industry saw a large unknown in the sawmill, the company would offer a lot of jobs.

The companies showed interest in the area near the dam. When the realtor was in charge of it, she said that the factory is about half booked. “The recipients were from a series of people involved in electrical engineering or gastronomy,” said Roman Soukup from the cracks of the real estate agency.

Due to the fact that the new shareholders are joining the supervisory board and the board of directors of the new people, the Jablonex Group is moving from Jablonec to Prague. “Of course, let’s get to know the new owner with the economic and first state of the company,” added Pavel Divi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jablonex.

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