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JAVA banking: a new alternative

Thanks to the still mobile phones and technologies in which banks invest, we are not going today on the Czech market of two banks that offer a new channel of banking – JAVA banking. The service is a combination of portable mobile banking with the comfort of internet banking. What can you offer? How are its benefits and where are the weaknesses?

Compared to the old and new promise – GSM banking, Java banking is more convenient and especially clearer for its users. The mobile application communicates with the bank via a data connection in the online mode, so it is able to provide a relatively fast response and provide very up-to-date information in a relatively sunny range. What could be a problem with starm GSM banking in some cases.

The time within which the mobile operator should deliver the SMS first is 72 hours, and even though the operators rarely use it, such a case may occur and you will find out the required information, for example after a few hours. For a working data connection, this delay is not a threat. At the same time, banks got rid of the restrictive 160 characters of one SMS with the help of Java banking, in which the client answered his question about the history here. The Java application of the bank allows a clear turnaround here and 90 days back. For the time being, this was the only presumption of internet banking.

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The problem with Java banking, however, can be set up and download the application, which pays mainly for the SmartBanka product from ivnobanka. In this case, the user must set up the mobile phone according to the instructions or with the help of a personal bank. Mobiln banka Komern banky offers you more comfort in the form of an SMS setting, which it first sent directly to the mobile phone by the infoline. However, it is necessary to inform him of the type of phone that activates data transfer on the SIM card, supports Java technology, has enough free memory for downloading applications and a display with the prescribed resolution.

Smartbank price from ivnobanka

30 K msn, jako soust balku Osobn menu (Standard, Forte, Grand, konto Economy) 0 K

Mobiln banka price from KB

15 K msn + fee for keeping Express lines 55 K and fee for running bnho tu or 59 K for Perfekt account package

The range of services offered by the JAVA banking application in the company Komern and ivnostensk banka is rich, especially in passive information, where it can definitely be compared with internet banking. The offer includes passive and active operations from balances and history, through orders to the castle, first standing orders, conversions between those, prepaid mobile operator cards, the exchange rate and after blocking payment card operations.

Order to the castle in rmci banka (to jin) – ivnobanka

0/2 K (0/6 K)*

Order to the castle in rmci banka (to jin) – KB

3 (5) K

Note: * free of charge in the framework of the balcony Personal menu / price at the current crown here or at the Economy account

The security of the application is similar to that of other channels of banking at Mobiln banka KB is logged similarly to the telephone banking of Komern banka. The rest must be activated if you want to use Java banking. After the first phoning and generation of key pairs, the mobile bank requires the user to identify the password and two random PIN and password characters. Not only the login name and password will be used for the user bank to log in, but the active operation of the castle command must be confirmed with a one-time TAN password, which the user must always have with him.

Smartbank services from ivnobanka

Balances, movements here, order to the castle CZK and foreign currency, the first standing orders (back, canceled), the creation and termination of the TV deposit (single, repeated), payment confirmation settings (SMS / e-mail / fax), conversion between , recharged prepaid cards, exchange rates, set orders for automatic sending of information (eg movements, balances, KL, card transactions) – according to the type by e-mail, fax or SMS

Mobile bank services from KB

Current balances, history here, order for CZK castle, creation of templates, blocking of payment card operations, remaining limit for operations, selection here, selection of subject (for different access)

The prices of both services are similar to the internet banking of 3 and 6 crowns per payment order. What you can’t forget about is the fees you pay to your mobile operator for data transfers. Their size depended on the operator’s tariff program. It is definitely so interesting that every bank has a differently charged due service. At Komern banka, the applicant also has to pay for telephone banking in order to use Mobiln banka. This means a minimum of 59 crowns for a Perfect account with an Express Line plus 15 crowns for running a Mobile Bank, for a total of 74 K. At ivnobanka, SmartBank can be used for a monthly fee of 30 crowns here or within the paula of one of the Balkans Personal menu and within the Account Economy for 55 crowns msn.

When comparing the two products, we find weaknesses in both and the other. According to our subjective evaluation, it is possible that after a nice problem with the setting, the price of Mobile Mobile KB is definitely more favorable within SmartBanka. The functions are then very similarly equal. Secure is user-friendly for KB users, because they do not have to worry about a ray with one-time TAN passwords in order to enter a castle command.

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