Wednesday May 25, 2022

John rewarded for the intervention in Krnov, the dog flew the dispute by helicopter

This afternoon, the Minister of the Interior Radek John and the Police President Oldich Martin honored the police officers who intervened in the explosion of the grant in the department store in Krnov. They received a medal for wealth and financial reward. However, a wave of resentment among police officers was aroused by the fact that John flew to Krnov by helicopter, even during the midsummer.

Radek John could go to Krnov by car, but in the end he flew by helicopter together with the police president Oldich Martin, who had a trip there. Nova TV reported about it. According to a spokesman for the Interior Ministry of South Reich, the police president and the minister used the pilot’s regular training years.

An hour of helicopter flight costs 85 thousand, Nova said. John’s journey will be on the ground, which is not to the detriment of police officers, who will go down due to wage disputes.

John and Martin started their visit to the Krnov hospital, where two police officers met. The wounded person continued to be transported from the intensive care unit to the trauma department. The remaining police officers pedaled the medal in Ostrava.

“Police President Oldich Martin honored those who intervened with the police. They received a medal for wealth and ten thousand crowns, “said Ji Reichl, spokesman for

Vladimir Rychta was the first forensic scientist to appear in the city. “It was a spontaneous reaction that I spoke out against the perpetrator. It was the most difficult in the current service with the police. But the people helped me a lot in the city, “said Rychta. He didn’t want to talk about the details.

“It was clear to me, I was able to deal with it,” he stated. He has been with the police for 23 years and has been awarded the title of honor. He considered leaving the police because of the current disputed measures. “But after this intervention, I decided to stay,” Rychta said.


In addition to the medal for wealth, the three police officers received a ten thousandth reward. “The police officers’ intervention was perfect and absolutely perfect. We can be proud, “said the Minister of the Interior.

John talked to Brta. Right rewards so

Civilians cannot be honored, so the intervening inhabitants of Krnov were awarded at least a plaque for wealth by the police president.

“We appreciate that the civilian helped the police. But in my opinion, the derailed people should intervene, “said Martin. Saleswoman Alena Markov snatched the grant from Lupio’s hand and tossed it aside. Then she helped the policeman with the apprehended offender.

“Daniel Petr was one of the intervening Czech railways. I already spoke with the Minister of Transport, Vta Brta, under whose grip they fall, and I agreed with him that, in addition to Plaque, he would receive such a financial reward and it should be you, not ten thousand crowns, “said John.

Armed, he dropped a gun gun and grants on Thursday in the 30th century. Police and other people managed to neutralize him. As the handcuffs put his handcuffs on him, a grant exploded, which he was supposed to have hidden with him. The perpetrator died in the explosion, three police officers and two civilians, a security guard and repairman Daniel Petr, were injured. (more about pepaden in Krnov here)

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