Wednesday May 25, 2022

Kalousek wants to win with the ODS with the help of Tpfer, Okamura and Franz Kafka

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Emphasis on tourism, promotion of Prague abroad, new spaces for modern art and more culture in the streets of the metropolis. These are the priorities of one of the candidates for mayor and leader of the ODS for Prague 1, Jan Kalousek. I like the tm expert, you actor Tpfer or businessman Okamura.

“Prague is the seventh most visited city in Europe, the world’s fourth in terms of quality and price of hotel services and the most popular destination for Christmas,” the ODS praised the metropolis at the head of the press conference in the first constituency. To his aid, Star took the rumors of the crack from which he asked the newspaper.

Kalousek compiled a team of friends and experts who helped compile the program vision. The vice-president of the Association of Czech Travel Agencies Tomio Okamura, the architect Zdenk Deyl and culture are in charge of the sentor, actor and director of the Na Fidlovace theater Tom Tpfer.

Kalousek wants to encourage tourism. “Let’s improve Prague’s credit connected with world-famous Czech personalities such as Kafka, Haek, Mucha and Smetana. Let’s also address the crack and Czech nations such as Forman, Lendl, Navrtilov and Baa, ”Fills Kalousek, noting that Prague will not have a place to go where it pays to go, because it’s cheap here and I can do it here.

Dalm from Kalousek’s proposals, which could help tourists and Pragans, is again submitted to the taxis club and NB’s proposal concerning amendments to the guidelines. The whole season could also help with the extension of the season, following the example of France and Italy and a member of the local gastronomic specialties.

“We want to invite Prague’s revenues from the film industry. We will create such conditions here that it happens more often. For new films, Prague must be changed in the headlines and at press conferences, ”says Kalousek.

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