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Keep the hospital fee document for years, you will avoid darkness

For the first year, you also pay for a stay at the hospital, in the emergency room, in the hospital and for a stay in the hospital. It’s a matter of course for most of them. There are also those who prefer to keep a dead beetle and are obliged not to pay the fee.

If an anneuin anido is released from the hospital eight days later, debts become and the hospital has to enforce a long debt after them, otherwise there is a threat of sanctions. “We are obliged to collect all regulated fees from the bill, both for hospitalization and for the emergency room and the outpatient clinic,” adds Pavlna Dankov, spokesman for the Motol University Hospital.

After two months, the carousel of debt will start

Hospitals allow patients to travel for 60 days to straighten a long run. If they do not respond, send them a reminder by registered letter with a call to the castle. The debtors have another 14 days to pay in a day, or to prove that they did it in the past.

Unfortunately, no letter with a reminder will reach the debtor. For example, the Motol hospital returns and aunt’s letter stating that the address was not accepted or the address is incorrect.

If patients still do not have to be paid, the hospital will recover the debts through the contract law firms. You can meet this procedure, for example, in the Olomouc University Hospital and in Motol.

“After a year, let’s pay a claim to the executive office. In the event that the long-term record of it has also been recorded in previous years, we are expanding the alliance, which I may receive in less than a year, ”adds Dankov.

There will also be a collection of the company

After irresponsible patients, the debt is often recovered and collected by the company. Such cooperation was used, for example, by the Bulovka University Hospital: “In the past, we assigned receivables from other companies to the composition of the contract.

A year ago, the Regional Health Company, which manages five of the largest hospitals in the Old Town region, joined the oldest debts on regulated fees through a collection company.

“Low, difficult to enforce, but in the competition he did not have a debt, which, on the other hand, was the highest according to the total debt, we decided to recover first through a collection agency,” said Ji Vondra.

The debt is not paid for a year due to delays in the costs of debt, although, according to Vondra, it is still very appropriate for out-of-court debt for debts. In addition to this length, not only hundreds, but also thousands of crowns will be added.

The regional health service will recover the debt from the court through the arrest. “Let’s keep it, especially for outages that reach thousand values, where a court order is economically justified,” adds Vondra.

Judicial proceedings are the main tool and I do not pay at the Hradec Králové University Hospital.

If the error ever breaks in, keep it confirmed

Obas will happen to me and so it turns out that the hospital has doubts and will owe the debt on the regulated fees unjustifiably. As the hospitals themselves admit, these are errors of the human factor, which can arise, for example, for administrative reasons (incorrect insertion of data into the computer, etc.).

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you must prove that you have paid the fee by a certificate from a medical facility. But at least for three years (the general limitation period is three years), keep all the certificates of paid regulatory fees. Otherwise, you could be paid as a debtor.

Debts go into the million plates

Even though the debts only made up a percentage of the total volume of selected regulatory fees, they amount to many millions of crowns. For example, the company Krajsk zdravotn records a debt of 18.5 million crowns for the period of collection of regulated fees.

“The company will collect about 80 million crowns on average on regulated fees. Patients long-term for regulated fee fees averaged less than five percent of their total volume. Pesto is a relatively high level, which in the budgets of hospitals is the Regional Health Meeting, ”adds Ji Vondra.

More than 2.7 million crowns of debt on the fees of patients who were admitted to Motolsk Hospital in the period from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2011. For this year, the debt is about 2.85 million crowns, its known st according to Pavlna Dankov patients jet payment. The hospital records about three thousand unpaid invoices every year.

FN Olomouc for regulan fees as at 31 May 2012 around 7,800 patients about 2.4 million crowns.

Currently in the unpaid regulated fees at the University Hospital Hradec Krlov is around the million crowns. Piem Hospital records about 18 thousand long. As Jaroslava Rodrov mentions: “It is seemingly large, but the cadon goes through 40 hospitals with 40 thousand hospitalized patients and we perform almost 700 thousand outpatient examinations, including emergency rooms.”

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