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Konm: How to get out of the pension fund?

Do you need an urgent pension? You may remember your retirement pension agreement and think that you would probably be able to rely on it first. This is not possible without several administrative requirements.

And here I have a problem. Wrong at what stage the contract is, and whether it will follow the formal page first.

I want to pay and I’m young

The first condition for you to get all the savings is a regular, at least five savings. The kind of necessity you have to meet is at the age of six years. Clients who concluded a contract before the year 2000, so-called according to the old conditions, and did not apply for a change in the following years, can celebrate fifties.

If you do not meet one of the requirements, you do not have data on the pension, but on sales. You must at least 12 msc. The sale is convenient for me, because the fund does not pay out all the funds you have here. You will only get what you have saved yourself, and an evaluation that works for you. When you employ an employer, you also get this share, but it is taxed at 25 percent. In case of enough sales, you will completely forget about the contributions.

Pensions either at once or in the form of annuities

Those who meet the conditions of termination of the contract can choose whether to give the old-age pension, or rather the so-called one-off settlement. It is not worth the pension if the client receives 500 crowns once a quarter, the advice of financial advisor Tom Kuera. According to him, it is better to take pensions at once and possibly save them in a conservative mutual fund. If you do not have more than 100,000 crowns in the pension fund, a one-off balance is a better option.

The pension is a regular payment of the amount of your pensions, which is determined according to a scheme offered by the pension fund. Anyone who reads after a medical page of time can choose a lifetime pension. If he lives to be more than many statistics, he will probably spend more on his pension supplement. If you are unsure of your health, I can give a pension for yourself, and in case of death, for someone close to you. There are several variants, only ING Penzijn fond, for example, offers seven variants of paid pension.

You retire

The pension is usually paid by the fund for msc. You must apply the one-time level and the sales bag in advance and deal with the correct time. The pension does not connect automatically when you reach the age of six. I celebrated edestiny, and because I remember eight years in the fund, I was looking forward to going to a pension. They told me that I had to file a notice and the payment would take three months, the client of the pension fund wondered.

The deadline is two months, and no matter how much the funds promise to send two pensions, you can’t count on it. The notice of payment is usually from the first day of the month, just following that the fund has received enough. You will fly it then on June 29, the fund will receive enough on July 3, the deadline in August and the pension will be paid to me by June.

It is most comfortable to have a lot at the top of the fund. The reason is that you will find out exactly what age you are entitled to, and the payment of the pension will be accelerated by the fact that the employees in the city, according to the documents, prove your integrity, so that no unauthorized stranger can apply for your pension.

What ever happens

Funds offer survivors’ and disability pensions. Both can be arranged free of charge as soon as the contract is concluded or can be submitted at any time thereafter.

Disability pension is intended for clients who become fully disabled during the course of the pension period, not fulfilling the conditions for the payment of old-age pension. If the pension has been connected at least 36 months, I can apply for a payment, or it will be a small contribution. In case the client of the country’s pension fund connects during the course, there are the following variants:

– The client did not arrange a survivor’s pension in advance and did not state anyone to whom the pension should be paid. Pensions become a mouthful of ddick Zen.
– The client has arranged a survivor’s pension, the pension will be given directly to the people who stated in the contract as the so-called entitled persons. In the first few years, permanent connections will receive sales, if permanently connected according to less than 36 months, they are entitled to a suitable pension and one-time settlement.

STEP 5 to terminate the contract

1. Call the fund in advance or go to the pepper. Find out if you are entitled to retirement or just for sale, so that you do not give the rest for the first two. The whole process could either be prolonged or you could lose money.

2. The answer is easiest at the pension fund. Bring your connection contract and ID card so that the fund staff can verify your integrity.

3. If you do not get to the transfer in person, just send the pension fund in writing enough to terminate the contract and pay the court. You don’t even have to have the right form for it, you have to state:
– sv jmno, pjmen, bydlit
– the number of the pension connection contract
– What two children
– how to send the pension fund to me
– signature
enough fly recommended.

4. If you want to send the pension to the network, you must have your signature edited. If you have a problem with this, have the saved mail delivered to the address of permanent residence.

5. Please note that the notice period expires from the first day of the next month before the fund receives your notice. The length of the reporting period is determined by each fund, usually two months.

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