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Kterm investicm dvuj ei nejvce?

that investors are still considered very conservative, characterized by a reluctance to risk money investing in the capital markets. Of course, there is no doubt about the certainty of term deposits, which does not make long-term profits. So where do you evaluate your pension?

At the same time, the habits of the investor are definitely not an exception for me and the Czech Republic in this regard. While a few years ago people did not lose much on investment and most of the funds ended up in term banks, at present they are taking responsibility. According to term deposits in banks will slowly decline and tafet will take another, more alternative.

Literally a hit of the last three years was the building savings, its growth rate last year and at the end of this year began to falter slightly and its potential seems to be exhausted. Dal method of value-added means, which has a very large potential in the future, is a pension connection. According to him, it is still relatively small for other products in other products, but all the people are aware of the need to secure income in retirement age, and the rapidly growing volume of pensions in this sector is proof of that.

In the first three months of this year, deposits in mutual funds grew at the fastest pace (+ 7%) and thus continue the trend established last year, when in twelve months the assets in the funds were not lost on aunts and their share in total disputes .

During the first quarter of this year, podlovch fond 14.5 billion CZK, the assets in the funds reached the level of 240 billion K. Of this, the funds form the company sdruench in the Association of Funds and Asset Management (AFAM) 141.9 billion CZK (nrst assets by 6.7 billion The Association for the Capital Market (AKAT) has invested K 97.8 billion (finger 8.1 billion K) in the fund. Meziron growth thus amounted to 58.5 billion K. The supply of mutual funds in the Czech Republic expanded by 106 products in the first quarter, and more than 1,200 mutual funds are available to investors. The number of sweat is recorded mainly by foreign funds.

Source: AKAT, AFAM

Which funds do you want the most?

The good first thing is that the home manager has finally started to oscillate, and more compete for the purchase of share certificates, exchanges, or fond fond. The Domestic Fund (AFAM) has recently been clearly dominated by the popularity of mutual funds, in which investors invested more than 3 billion K in the first few months this year. In addition, they help their profile products very significantly with their marketing activities, so I’m not surprised. Especially for inexperienced investors, this is not a bad choice.

However, keep a clear lead among AKAT funds hedge funds (for 1Q 06 +4.5 billion K), which in turn can act as a springboard for foreign investors in foreign currencies (but not only in them, a number of hedge funds are also available in CZK). The advantage and attraction for investors is the real offer and the amount of interesting news, the largest sources of which are mainly SOB / KBC (in CZK) and HSBC (USD, EUR, GBP,). The results of some selected funds prove that in recent years this may not have been a bad choice, but we will see how a hedge fund will fare in the period of stock markets.

The AKAT and AFAM funds (+1.8 billion CZK) recorded a practically identical finger in the first quarter. fondy smen. Especially for domestic investors, after periods of lack of interest on the part of the investor, this fund thus receives, and must be deserved, attention. The exchange of funds, combining the properties of risky and conservative products can be a very good exchange for long-term investors, acting as spoc products.

They get used to investing in stocks?

They have become very popular in recent months stock catch funds. The growth of their assets is largely related to the optimistic situation on the stock markets, especially in Central and Eastern Europe and other emerging markets, in the last few years. Investors have simply realized that investing in conservative and small-income products is losing much more than when dynamic fund returns (equities, some exchanges) would decline in the short term.

Although the performance of equity and dynamic exchange funds has been relatively unfavorable in recent months due to developments in the global equity markets, high-risk products are not a significant risk. Investors will at least be aware of the need to diversify resources into multiple assets. From the point of view of a breeding investor, the biggest risk is an investor in stocks first at the moment when the markets reach the bottom and start to grow slowly. Especially investors with a long investment horizon who save funds regularly should realize that buying share certificates at low prices is suitable for them in the long run.

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The decline in the image is haunting bond funds and especially money market funds. Although the former was recorded at the end of the year, there were slight fingers, but the last month shows a strong decline in bonds as a conservative component of the portfolio. The bond fund will not be affected or degraded by performance, which is the result of rising annual rates in the US, Western Europe and so on in the US.

Penn trh u nen attractive

Ztrtou dvry investor nejvce trp money market funds, which was the only one to record a decline in assets in the first quarter due to repurchases. AFAM funds lost K 474 million, and AKAT funds 129 K. On the one hand, the withdrawal from money funds is a rather logical step, especially when the funds in the Czech Republic go out only after inflation and return on term deposits. On the other hand, at a time when stocks and bonds do not perform well in their reputation, money market funds are a good alternative to fully performing a portfolio function. Even at the moment, the investor does not have a bag of money still holding half of his assets in mutual funds.

Do you think that catch funds will be the market leader in the future? Which method of pension evaluation according to vs best prospects in the future?

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