Wednesday May 25, 2022

KTP clients can pay for pensions due to changes

Many clients of KTP Quantum were informed at the end of the year that if they do not notify the Garann ​​fund of securities traders as soon as possible, the claims for the payment of their receivables will be forfeited in the year of this year.

At first, Nova TV also broadcast and caused panic among those clients who rely on the Garann ​​fund, with the fact that their funds are safe with him. According to some information, the deadline was due to expire last year, which of course did not happen.

It is said in the announcement that the best way to get from the pension fund is to mention it at the request. As evidence, the example is given by Mr. JK, who won the lawsuit with the Garann ​​Fund without any problems and will get paid both his pension and years of arrears.

Alarm required
According to the Garann ​​Fund (GF), however, this is only an alarm at first, which is not justified and is also more important. GF states on its website that the deadline for initiating the payment of payments was postponed to June 21, 2003, with the consent of the then Securities Commission, and thus the deadline expired on June 22, 2008.

Dalm’s argument to the GF is that financial assistance to the state, on the basis of which the fund would be able to compensate all clients, depends on the amendment to Kona on business on the capital market. Its latest amendment has been in force since the new year, but nothing is happening.

The Ministry of Finance should provide the fund with a non-refundable subsidy of 1.3 billion crowns, which could cover all its ties to KTP clients.

“In these situations, calls for fraud against the fund make sense primarily for lawyers and lawyers, but not for KTP clients, who receive their full claims even without legal action. Appropriations for the fund meant the burden of the central budget, ie the remaining talent for all citizens, tax fees, to be paid in the fund. According to GF, the client who is entitled to the payment of compensation is about 18 thousand.

Yes, if the lawsuits had not failed, pensions would have been saved, but it is not surprising to KTP clients. It is worth noting that if the fund has not been able to pay off most of the assets in the last five years, it will be able to do so in a few months. On the other hand, it is true that in the past, when the time of forgiveness, for example in the case of Private Investors, was approaching, funds were eventually poured out and clients received all pensions back.

90% of the Garannho fund by young clients
The KTP client registers Pesto with GF over nine thousand alob and their number is growing. Thus, the years of arrears and the total amount of debts increase (by about one hundred million crowns). That is why it is in the interests of all parties that the dispute be resolved as soon as possible.

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