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Kvla at the offer of work from home. But it was a pension

Beware of offers that attract the opportunity to work from home and avalanche with the Internet and sweat. Many workplaces are server rooms so that it is not easy to see what it is all about. You can sit on the glue like our thin Linda.

Linda needed a beer. The internet offer for a manual full suit with promotional material seemed interesting. “We will pay CZK 4.90 for one suit,” she read on the company’s website, which offers this manual work.

She was to pay 690 crowns in advance in order to receive the starter pack, including the contract for the purchase of headed and stamped suits. The company guaranteed that it was a refundable deposit. “This protects us from unserious individuals who have no other interest than to satisfy their own curiosity and do not perform their activities. Natural business cannot afford to send costly materials to anyone under their control, ”she reads on the web.

She sent the song and registered as a high-income recipient for a beer. When she received the starter pack, she was not surprised. “There was a lot of information on the company’s website,” Linda points out. From the detail she read and from the sent document, she found out that the job offered was not always difficult. And what job did she actually apply for?

She was supposed to join other people interested in beer

Linda would have the help of advertising on the Internet and in newspapers to lure at work from home gave the recipient. From the manula she received in the starter pack, she learned that the text of the advertisement could read, for example, as follows: Give yourself a 3750 crowns weekly written letter. Run with a searchable dog, typewriter or PC. It’s so sweaty. Detailed information for the title and stamped suit. Address for recipients: Linda should enter her address here.

So that vr

In order for the company to help, it is necessary to get at least 201 more candidates.

“I don’t care about such work, I won’t sign a contract,” says Linda. That’s all potat. To get her job back, she would have to hack at least 201 more candidates. He would receive 5.90 crowns for such a letter. The team would earn the first 1,185.90 crowns, ie not a thousandth, which according to the contract is a condition for the return of the deposit.

And he gave a hack. From the document she received from the company, she found out that the promotional materials that I could put in the suit were not free. She only got the first ten pieces to start, he would have to order and buy. The company costs 400 crowns for a package of 200 squadrons. But if she could paint thousands of candidates for this job, the propaganda material would get her for free. “As a performance premium,” says the company in its manual.

If you do not sign the contract, you are entitled to a refund of the deposit

May I first ask for my role, when will I refuse such work? ” ask Linda. According to the law firm Havel, Holsek & Partners, the first is to do so. ”If the contract is not concluded, the company is obliged to pay the share, otherwise it would be unjustly enriched. It is necessary to challenge the company in writing to shake up the role, ”advises lawyer Petra Sochorov.

The return of the deposit is not questioned by the company itself, but it gave me a heck, not to drill the whole hundred. “If the applicant is not satisfied, just send all the documents undamaged back, then the returned bill is reduced by a cancellation fee,” the company Manuln asked at the request of the editors.

At the same time, he did not have a cancellation fee, from the refundable 690 crowns of the deposit, the company will collect 290 crowns. By sending the online registration form, the tenderer agrees between the delivery and the business conditions. And in these they say: “In case of partial return of the shipment, we pay a cancellation fee in the amount of 290 K. For the day of providing the service and in case of unreasonable sending of the base and material back, there is no right to return the pension.”

Podtreno to Seteno

If you need to live and look on the internet for work that you could do from home, there are a few tips to follow.

1. workMake a company that offers work

“If you do not decide to respond to the offer, we recommend that you thoroughly check the person who offers this work, for example in the online versions of the Commercial, Insolvency and Trade Register,” advises lawyer Petra Sochorov. If the name of the company or person who offers the job is not published on the website, it is better to avoid such an offer.

2. workThink about damaging the yin

Think about how the pensions are to be paid, whether such work makes sense and whether the failure has given people. If you want to depend on another committee of people, it is good to know that a number of such offers are burdened by multi-level marketing (MLM), which is used in the direct sale of some pedraench products and services. But it’s about an underwater plane and a pyramid.

3. workSnate se zskat zkuenost druhch

Don’t just rely on the information you find about the job offer on the company’s website. Try to find out on the Internet if someone has a personal offer with a similar offer.

4. workDo not send the registration without thinking

You don’t bloom on the menu, see if you can agree to the terms and conditions by submitting an online formula. It is about delivery and business conditions of cooperation. In particular, take into account possible sanctions, such as cancellation fees and penalties, which can be expected even if the conditions are violated.

5. workDo not sign the contract if you do not agree with it

If you get a contract to sign, study it in time. If you have to work on a trade license, it will be the first business relationship of two independent entrepreneurs and it is up to the parties to agree on the terms of mutual cooperation. If you sign the contract, confirm the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with one of the agreements, never sign the contract.

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