Tuesday May 24, 2022

Leasing at nefr, the car is worth buying on vr

Appropriate car prices mostly apply only to financing leasing. I’m not as interested in leasing a bag as I used to be. If you take it instead, you can read and print thousands.

What a store, especially a discount

Getting to know the offers is not easy at all. With the benefits of a quiet and specific store, you can also get a double discount with a little weight.

We tried how it works in practice and got a few more models. We went through several car showrooms and bazaars and researched where he could be stuck when buying a car. They will try to force an expensive variant on them, they will not want to get a contract out of hand in advance or they will offer only one way of financing.

But one complication did not occur to us: the sellers did not want to give up ns as booty. They called us several times a day, for used cars with the price down, when we sign up to go today.

We thought we would decide between leasing and land. But it was easy. For you, a mazda for 199,900 crowns would cost the company Santander Consumer about 40 thousand crowns. The seller confirms that almost no one stands by leasing today.

Leasing/ vr Leasing Credium Leasing UniCredit Leasing vr jin UniCredit Leasing vr neelov Komern Bank vr neelov Raiffeisenbank
The price of the car 126 900* 163 900 163 900 163 900 163 900
Msn lagoon 5 709 4 849 4 809 4 172 + capacity 4 188 + capacity
Total 232 095 208 534 205 904 211 229 215 612
Note New car Chevrolet Spark, met at 36 msc, 20% advance payment, included in the total price included in the price, * leasing events, official leasing of the car manufacturer

Pillar leasing

Let’s go dl. This time we want the best-selling fabia and we have big store signs. The same procedure, similar offers, only cars are not currently. Here, too, they definitely recommended consumer incl.

It was similar when we “bought” used. Leasing free. All companies have a bag in their offer. “But it’s just a custom affair, otherwise you two couldn’t have bought a car in installments,” explains Michal Turma from the Auto Jarov car department store. When we try to buy a star vz in an AAA car, the company is a member of the jet radical: “Leasing is usury, I strongly recommend it.”

Perhaps the only plus of Erika Duchanov from UniCredit Leasing: “My creditworthy clients can also get a car for leasing, ie those who would not be able to come to you because of them.”

Buy a car on lease only if you come across the event “without name”. Now, for example, UniCredit Leasing offers it for Subaru Imprezza and Kia Ceed cars. Pay the price of the car for five years only by the residual value of 1,190 crowns.

How do the pros and cons of each type of car finance

Finann leasing
For whom:
Everyone can use it, ie private individuals and entrepreneurs
Who provides: leasing company

  • quick and easy conclusion of leasing contracts,
  • leasing company does not perform the ability to meet as much as the bank,
  • fixed installments for the entire duration of the first contract,
  • the possibility of using advantageous business events, especially in the so-called branded (corporate) leasing,
  • suitable insurance (companies have negotiated a number of discounts with insurance companies).


  • the car is the property of the company’s leases, a large technical order is stored with the company,
  • pay VAT on it,
  • you rarely reach zero down payment,
  • In addition to the mandatory liability, you must also insure the car in an accident, even if it is used (some companies require an accident insurance and a loan of CZK 150,000),
  • the evening of the pension from the insurance event to be paid by the insurance company of the leasing company,
  • limited time of completion of a minimum of 36 msc and a maximum of 84 msc,
  • penalties for early payment.

elov spotebitelsk vr
For whom:
Everyone can take it out
Who provides: leasing and financial companies

  • the car immediately becomes the property of the customer,
  • the minimum period of fulfillment is limited to the final lease as with financial leasing (it can therefore be from 6 msc),
  • often the possibility of zero down payment,
  • nemnn and msnch spltek,
  • the possibility of early repayment without penalties,
  • vhodnj pojitn,
  • you handle every insurance event with the insurance company yourself,
  • VAT is not paid from the heat,
  • for entrepreneurs the possibility of tax depreciation, one-time deduction of value added tax from the purchase price on the spot met for VAT payers.


  • The large technical order is stored with the company and paid to the company until the end, when you need it for a technical inspection, the company will receive it and then drill it again,
  • from the loan office (usually from 150,000 crowns) it is necessary to insure the accident.

Neel’s loan at the bank
For whom:
for all those who show sufficient creditworthiness, in case of origin (approximately from 300,000 crowns) the bank requires a guarantor
Who provides: banks

  • fast food
  • the bank does not care if you take out accident insurance,
  • the car is your property, you have a technical order with you,
  • years not in financial companies


  • bank provuje psnji bonitu,
  • in addition to the installments, you must also meet the fees for the religion and conduct here.
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