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Let’s face it: how much does a wedding cost and how does a divorce break

Many partners do not rush to the wedding and two prefer a free bond. The road to Chomout is not cheap. The cheapest option is a wedding lunch with only two witnesses and a common average. A large wedding with 30 and 50 guests will cost 30 and 60 thousand crowns.

What to do and how to organize so that the entry into the marriage of stl pimen with regard to your own wallet? The answers of the bank, Jan Doubek, together with the psychologist Marta Bouková and the moderator Marek Nmec in the future according to the TV series Potme s vmi.

In order for the wedding not to ruin the family budget, it is important to first clarify three basic questions:

  • Do you have a financial limit?
  • How many guests do you want to invite?
  • The price is also affected by the city and the wedding. Are you willing to compromise?
  • Are you able to arrange the wedding yourself “self-help”? Do you have what?

“If one wants a small chamber wedding, and a big fairytale bride, I will have the first conflict,” said psychologist Martina Boukov.

The wedding is just an arrest. If the marriage doesn’t work out, make sure that the pensions spent on the wedding day are the first time to divorce.

To the extent of the unmarried marriage and the divorce itself, depending on how quickly the proceedings take place and whether you will need the first help of a lawyer.

To the question of how much a divorce costs, the lawyer answers Miroslav Zeman z advoktn kancele Prvnk.cz.

How much is the fee for starting a Zen divorce and how does this charge the castle?
In 2011, this fee increased by one hundred percent from the original 1,000 crowns to the current 2,000 crowns. The fee is paid either in stamps, which are glued to the upper petition for divorce, or it is possible to pay at the request of the court to pay this fee. In such a case, the court sits together with the name of the formula for affixing stamps or a slot for its castle.

Does this fee include the fact that the property is shared with the divorce?
In the case of the implementation of divorce by agreement, the fee also applies to the approval of the court-premedloen agreement on the joint name of the common name. In the case of a divorce dispute, there is no property within the divorce woman, but it is necessary to start a kind of woman, which concerns only the bottom of the property. In such a case, the fee was paid. Wrong, then, on how much property you have in the common name of the manager. If it is only a matter of movables (furniture, zazen, cars, etc.) and a fee of 1,000 crowns. In case you need to sell the ownership of the property, ie the house, apartment and land, then you dig deeper into your pocket and pay a fee of £ 5,000 for each property you have to sell.

How much does a divorce cost when a client uses first aid and a lawyer?
In such a case, the price is relatively individual and different. In Prague, lawyers tend to, for example, in smaller cities, but this may not be the rule. They are always wrong with the range of services requested, the importance of things, the experience, the voice of the lawyer and his law firm.

If the client is under a lawyer to process a divorce petition and will want to be a lawyer at the divorce court, how much will it cost me?
Wrong wrong on the range, qualities and specific requirements. The lawyer can process the proposal of the lawyer from 1,500 crowns to 3,000 crowns, if you ask the lawyer for the first meeting, then pay for it from 1,000 to 1,500 crowns per hour. Many law firms today provide first-class advice in the form of online counseling, which is much cheaper than a personal meeting with an attorney.

If you want to have a lawyer at the courthouse, then it will cost another 2,000 and 2,500 crowns. The presence of a lawyer in one court is always necessary due to the formality of the divorce.

A number of distributors also take care and how much is it worth to draft a lawyer?
Zkladn nvrh v tto vci stoj od 1 000 do 2 000 korun.

And how much do you advocate for drafting a common name agreement?
Wrong choice on the range, qualities and requirements of the client, it is usually a hundred from 1500 to 3,000 crowns. The client can write this agreement, but the general salary is to pay off first. The invalidity of the agreement on the common name of the manager and other errors in other documents in the future will be easily corrected and you can prepare for highs.

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