Friday May 20, 2022

Let’s go with you: Tips on how to stand on your own two feet financially

Most young people try to become independent as soon as possible and stand on their own two feet. Often it is a bag tk stet with reality. It is not easy to get out with the pensions issued and the financial support from the parents is not easy. How to handle the first individual steps? Answer pin seril Potme with you.

Experts agree that the key to independence is to learn to read and not to spend. It is not easy to get along with a low income, but there are possibilities. Bank Jan Doubek together with psychologist Marta Bouková and moderator Marek Nmec pinej a few proven tips according to the TV series.

1. Compare prices, shop at discounts
The time when mainly pensioners bought in discounts and acne offers is two times over. Today, breeding is practically a reasonable hunter. It is easy to compare the offer of low prices and discount squadrons of various retailers over the Internet, for example on the portal. Be careful not to succumb to seduction and buy extras at discounts and acne offers.

2. Take out purchases from online stores
A sharp dispute can be achieved by shopping in e-shops, where prices are no longer in stone shops. Be careful not to sit on a better unserious shopkeeper and get in the so-called “edivka”. That is, goods that are not intended for our market and are not available for repair free of charge in the first year (see here). If you shop in e-shops rarely and often, you know how much you spend so much that you have control over giving.

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3. Look for opportunities to dream of regular payments
If you live alone, you dream of colliding with energy. For the selection of a suitable supplier, you can use Internet comparisons, for example on the portal. How to change suppliers, tte here. Look for mobile and internet. Today, mobile operas are very accommodating and prices more interesting. Learn by switching to a suitable tariff and changing operators.

4. Poite si bankn et na mru
Take a look at the bank offers for young people. Some banks favor them not only for students, but for all young people up to 26 years of age. If you have one of the large banks, compare how you can get a bank name. When vs standing bank, change it, it’s easy. A new bank, which with the code of mobility, will make the transition for vs. How to do it, tte here.

5. Search for a pension from an ATM
When withdrawing cash from an ATM, look at where to withdraw and how often. When you use an ATM of a foreign bank, it costs me several hundred crowns. Use a debit card instead of a credit card, not a credit card. At the same time, it is important to know how much to pay for the ATM pension. An overview of current fees can be found here.

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