Wednesday May 25, 2022

Librarians in Prague are afraid that they will publish Opencard instead of books

Employees crack the City Library worried that the branches will become one-off offices. Magistrt decided that librarians should not only arrange and issue the full Opencard, but that the branches would function as a card office, which they will grow this year. The library fears that branches will be overwhelmed.

“Of course, at ns Opencard, we take it out and we provide it for people. However, we are concerned that this autumn we will change the libraries first to the Opencard window, ”said Lenka Hanzlkov.

For example, last year, from January to January, the library was used as an intermediary by Opencard, something like fifty thousand people.

“In 2008, even 29,000 people in the libraries had enough of Opencard. And these are the dritel who will have to exchange the card this year, ”Hanzlkov explains that the library’s concerns are not a plan.

Therefore, librarians officially hand over a master’s degree to provide them with reinforcements, especially on holiday. “The team in charge of Opencard in Prague promised to help on Monday,” Hanzlkov said.

All those who use Opencard as a library order and will have to exchange it this year must still make their way to a library. Although the card does not include a special application for library services, it is necessary to connect the new Opencard with the original thin one in the Koni library system.

And first go to the Municipal Library for those interested in Opencard – who decided to buy a new type of personal card without records, will be able to use it as a thin order.

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