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Look at the income in billion Apply for an entry from the central register

Not only the old but also the younger generation should have their pension under control. Everybody has to see if he has all the income data registered in the pension insurance records. Missing bond times can complicate retirement enough in the future.

In the personal letter for retirement you should have written all the debts from all employers. Registered in the central register, you also have time for which you pay for retirement or you were in sickness, war, maternity leave and studies. “The most common shortcoming is that people give mistakes about the period of insurance in a certain period,” explains Kamil Vaeka, a spokesman for the Social Security Administration.

Make sure your records are complete

You may have found that a company in which you worked many years ago went bankrupt and continued to exist. At the same time, she didn’t bother with how much you spent at that time and how long it took me to retire. If your records are not complete and some give errors, enough of the pension will be complicated in the future and it may take a few months.

You can also look at any errors that may have occurred in your record sheet in the last six years. “Since 2004, the employer has been obliged to issue registration sheets on behalf of his employees, to send them to the central records of the SSZ and a duplicate to the employees. During the complex course of insurance, when the employer does not consult with the specialists of the social insurance company, how to fill in the correct sheet, I can make a mistake in the record sheet, ”points out Alena Frakov, SSZ specialist.

Registration is free, data about it can be kadoron

You must first submit a free registration to Kadoron. enough must be addressed directly to the Prague SSZ headquarters (Kov 25, 225 08 Prague 5). If you have an electronic signature, you can also enter data by email. “It is necessary to state the native name, name and name of the applicant, first name and address to which the applicant wants to send the entry,” points out Alena Frakov. enough SSZ must be issued no later than 90 days.

According to a spokesman for the Czech Social Security Administration, the pensions are connected in this way under the control of thousands of people. In 2008, for example, over 135 thousand applicants applied for the sending of the Informative Personal Data Sheet for Pension Insurance (IOLDP) and interest will continue to rise. Last year, a total of 152,609 people applied for registration.

gives dohled at first socilnho zabezpeen

If you find out any discrepancies, contact the first security provider, then fall according to the city of permanent residence to find and supplement the missing data. This problem can help you yourself. For example, the first social worker can give you information about the length of employment you remember. Tm j lie down ptrn.

If you have documents in your home archive, it shows how much you have earned and where you have worked, you can also pass them on and make it easier to add missing data. These can be, for example, old employment contracts, certificates of return, grants, and you ROH ID, in which the stamps for the payment of contributions in individual months are pasted.

If you haven’t thrown away your documents yet, I’ll be in handy

“The obligation of the people is not to keep the documents on employment, but if the data in the central records are not complete, the citizen who kept the documents is appropriate,” says SSZ. Once all the data is together, the old unnecessary documents do not have to be baked in the apartment and they can easily end up in the stove.

Witnesses can also testify to the lack of information about the period of insurance. According to SSZ employees, however, this only happens when it is not possible to trace or search otherwise. There must be at least two witnesses, you used to be colleagues from work. You have to write the letter and sign it yourself, from where they have information that you have worked in a specific company for some time. The authenticity of the witness’s signature needs to be verified on the matrix, on the notebook or on the right of the social security.

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