Wednesday May 25, 2022

Looking back on his action – he leads the opt

After the stock market correction, most investors have made a taste of it. Nkte even went to n because they bought “at a discount”. As far as the investor is concerned, the shares are being traded in Hong Kong, and there is still great potential in Turkey and Russia.

Asian rally in ele with Hong Kong
Many people are used to it for abnormal growth. This time, too, we will find an index of our events in the leading positions of the results of the list. However, it is necessary to read that it is specifically the HSCEI China index, which is an index calculated from the price of shares traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In the past week, it increased by 7.4%, and for the whole month even by 18.7%.

It was also the Hong Kong action itself. The HSI Hang Seng index rose 16.4% in three weeks and lagged slightly behind its colleague. The bag paid for the bag in the last week, when he rushed to an appreciation of 11.3%.

Shanghai i Shenzen zaostvaj
Meanwhile, shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen were only pelleted by the city. For this seemingly irrational scene, a relatively simple rational explanation is offered. Shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are relatively fair with a P / E of around 30 (respectively at HSI Hang Seng about 23), but not as much as shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen with a P / E of around 40.

As the regulation of investments on the capital markets has been further relaxed, citizens can now invest on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Thus, the single market is gradually emerging from New York and Hong Kong. Therefore, we can expect a continuing development, during which there will be a clear appreciation of the action on all these stock exchanges. Regardless of whether stocks rise to the sky or fall into the abyss, it is quite likely that shares traded in Hong Kong will achieve outperformance compared to Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Development of the NIFTY 50 index in the last 4 years

spn duo Indie – Indonesia
In addition to NY and Hong Kong, two Asian markets, India and Indonesia, took the lead in the top cities, with a gain of 17.6% and 17%, respectively. Both belong to very promising markets, especially due to the high population, which is always the second and fourth most populous country in the world. The sharp rise in commodity prices, largely due to the rise in commodity prices, first and foremost, was largely due to rising commodity prices.

On the other side of the statistics are figures from the Baltics. The OMX Baltic 10 index lost 7% in three weeks. Of its highest values ​​in the burrow of this year, it fell by a dark 25%. Technically, nothing indicates oiven. He gave a sharp decline, but the bag is unlikely.

In the OMX Baltic 10 index for the last year

European large caps are “cheap”
From a fundamental point of view, the phenomenon of the well-developed European market in the Czech Republic with the current European index EUROSTOXX 50 has been very important today. With a dividend yield of 3.2%, the P / E is 12.9 quite quite. One hundred British companies with the largest market capitalization are included in the FTSE 100 index. Their average P / E is based on 12.7 and the average dividend yield is 3.5%.

Promising prospects in Russia and Turkey
According to P / E, Turkey and Russia are the most favored in developing markets. In both cases, these are the classic high-risk markets, which have a huge potential in the long run. For centuries, Russia has been one of the world’s major political scenes. Its main potential lies in immeasurable wealth. Today it is oil, natural gas, coal and metals, but in the future there will still be a lot of drinking and plenty of drinking water.

As for Turkey, its main driving force is its future accession to the EU, albeit uncertain and uncertain. Economic and social reforms should push more foreign investors into the countries and “kick it in a relatively sunny economy.

You can learn enough about the potential and risks of investments in Turkey in a separate article written for the portal.

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