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Looking back on your action: market uncertainty

He suggests that the August correction is behind them. But how to: He did not praise the day before veer. Last week, stock markets rose slowly. It is clear that there is no high liquidity in the markets at this time. And so you get the question of what the arrest of.

It is necessary to take into account that from the point of view of the stock market, the correction is not an ongoing process, when the stock returns to normal after the rapid growth of the stock. If there is no correction from time to time, a return to the track, the markets could easily get stuck. This created bubbles then they can stuff the codes like hurricanes in the Caribbean. This time we witnessed only a strong tropical boue. It is now possible to see how it has affected the stock market in various regions.

A look at MSN performance in the regions
In developed countries, the value of msn performance of stock indexes returned to zero, before the week it was around -6%. US stocks represented by the S&P 500 index lost -1.9% in the past msc. The European barometer Eurostoxx 50 has risen by more than zero by more than half a percent, a similar index of German DAX shares shows 1.2%. Only the Japanese market recorded a deep decline from the developed market, where the value of the Nikkei 225 index is -5.7% not before the month. This is a statistical report for the month, ie a comparison with the situation at the end of July. The values ​​of stock indexes did not return to their highs from mid-July.

As far as Europe is concerned, the lowest value of the annual performance does not belong to Turkish stocks, represented by the ISE National 30 index, which depreciated -7.8% over the last month. Right in the top, dr polsk Mid Caps will lose -7.2%. The Hungarian BUX index occupied the top ten, which lost -6.7% in the month’s run. This has a known effect on the performance of some Czech equity funds that invest in the Central European region. Only the Balkan region, specifically Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia, where the correction did not erase the entire previous growth, remains slightly above the level of the value before the Czech market.

In emerging markets, we find the most frequent values ​​in our statistics from 0 to -10%. The shares of Kazakhstan (-14.3%) and Pkistna (-12.2%) show the largest decline. These two markets are considered to be very promising in the long run, but at the same time high risks. The current decline may have good variability for speculative inclusion in the portfolio.

Development of event prices in Pkistno over the past five years

Where your head can stand and not twist them on. Despite all the downturns and the ever-repeating bubble warning, the A-segment stock market (named FTSE / Xinhua A50) posted another 24.9% in the last month.

Vkonnost na ron bzi
If we look at the statistics, the FTSE / Xinhua A50 index boasts an incredible appreciation of 307.5%. On the other hand, the often-used index of HSCEI China’s shares stood at an “uninteresting 102.1%” for the same period. The reason is simple. It is an index of Czech shares traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, where foreign shares have a significant price.

Shares that investors should avoid by a large arc are the first ones that are most conducive to buying. Rarely do analysts agree as in the case of short-term insight into the US stock market. Developments over the last twelve months have surpassed even the most fantastic estimates. But he beat them and in such a way that it is not healthy. It is not for nothing that he does not get on the train while driving. Then when do you fr tsetkilometer speed.

Development of high voltage action prices over the years

The impact of the correction had a significant effect on the assessment. Going before mscem was not dn market in ervench hearing. Now there are two, the Japanese Nikkei 225 (-3.6%) and the Russian RDX index (-8.5%). The Nikkei index is a value in euros (in the Japanese yen the performance would be 2.3%), in the case of Russia it is an index calculated in euros. On the positive side of the results of the charter there is a deep abyss behind which the Balkan Peninsula crosses. Bulgaria’s SOFIX is in the open with 63.8%, followed by Croatian CROBEX with 53.3%. However, the Slovenian SBI is both laughing at 102.4%.

From the point of view of appreciating the action, less help from P / E looks below the very attractive region of Jin America, in line with the indices of the Czech market. The Brazilian Bovespu pipad only 6.3 and the MSCI Argentinien 12.2. Compared to the above-mentioned FTSE / Xinhua A50 index, where the price-to-profit ratio rises above 39, Latin America has some interesting potential for further growth.

Today (the article was written on August 27, 2007, editor’s note) there is nothing to suggest that the current market is a harbinger of a change in the trend, ie that in five months and years the azimuth of the stock market was heading south. In this way, we can draw three significant conclusions for investors from the development of the month:

1) And Czech investors are still aware of this, so a small stock market is very sensitive to developments in the world, especially the American markets. Although it may seem strange to a layman, at first, the number of mortgage problems in the USA can send down EZ shares, for example.

2) No one can estimate whether the markets will fall slightly in those days, or whether they will stagnate even slowly for a few weeks, or whether the trip up as fast as they fell. Any shares in many regions are now very well appreciated. Thus, a sharp decline in the global market should not be long lasting. Therefore, it can now be stated that it is a good time to buy. If you have the resources to invest in the event, you should use (as is popular with me) these hypermarket discounts. Be careful, you should avoid real estate actions in the short term, here the equivalents are not so equal. (But about that and in ptm looking back at the development of the stock market.)

3) Who in the portfolio of German shares, quickly transfer to safe waters, it will not be too late. (Unless it is a hedge fund or other instrument with a guaranteed return and fixed maturity, or a program of regular investment.)

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